Accurate insurance data  can make the difference between a facility surviving and thriving.

Access Management

Often, the success of a facility relies on its ability to collect insurance information while communicating and coordinating essential patient data among departments. Not only can we help with that, we can help your healthcare organization make a lasting first impression by eliminating costly errors that can occur through poor communications. We put our best people, technology and experience to work for you. Data management begins at the point-of-service, includes patient liability estimation, and extends through the referral management process. Let us extend, support or establish systems that enhance patient access and better coordinate care through our personalized services.

Pre-Registration, Pre-Certification and Pre-Authorization

Insurance companies are sticklers about what procedures they will cover and for whom. The more costly the procedure or prescription, the more likely it will be denied without prior notification. With so many different insurance payers, plan type and sub groups, it can be a quagmire to track which procedures require pre-registration, pre-certification or pre-authorization. Signature tracks hundreds of health plans to ensure your facility and your patient know whether the care they require is covered by a medical plan.

Point-of-Service Collections & Training

We excel at patient facing medical support services.

Theirs are the first faces your patients see when they enter your healthcare facility. Your admission team members are more than smiling faces—they're critical parts of the revenue cycle process. Getting things right from the beginning can save time and resources down the line. That's where Signature Performance comes in.

Admission Staffing & Training

An efficient and effective admission process means happy patients, accurate documents, and greater recoveries. At Signature Performance, we're equipped with the experience, expertise, and talent to staff and/or train your admission team into top-caliber shape.

From collecting the right information, to gathering co-pays and deductibles, to estimating insurance coverage and self-pay expenses, we'll ensure your facility is in the best position to recover revenue and address patient concerns.

Contact us to learn more about how Signature Performance can support or supply your admissions staff.

Patient Liability Estimation

When patients consider your facility for an elective service, cost is a major factor in their decision. Price depends on a number of factors, unique to each case: operating costs, staff, and patient conditions can all affect the out-of-pocket price. Providing an accurate upfront estimate is typically time-consuming and difficult—most facilities settle for uncertain price ranges, leaving patients in the dark.

Provide Pricing Transparency

Signature Performance's AllPayor® software makes it easy to offer customized out-of-pocket estimates in seconds. AllPayor® instantly calculates specific price quotes using your facility's existing claim data, payment records, payer contract terms, and more. Give your patients peace of mind with a clear, accurate price ahead of time.

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Insurance Discovery & Verification

48% of insurance information at hospitals is either inaccurate or incomplete. Outdated, aged, and flawed insurance data can plague your facility—it's a stumbling block stopping you from recovering the revenue you're owed. Signature Performance's thorough discovery and verification program employs a multifaceted approach to encourage more billable encounters, fewer denials, and faster payments. Our average client sees a significant increase in reimbursements shortly after engaging us.


Referral Management

When your patients need to see a specialist outside your healthcare facility, you do your best to keep them in-network. Yet complicated schedules, complex benefits, and limited resources can send patients out, hurting your facility's commitment to coordinated care.

Signature Performance's referral management solutions can help. Whether you need a single referral staff member or an entire referral management department, our team can be your team—we collaborate closely with your facility to enhance patient access and improve your coordination of care.

You gain our referral management staff as an extension of your team, without any of the burdensome interviews, background checks, and paperwork. We recruit, hire, train, and manage all staff members in-house, ensuring they maintain excellent performance and helping your patients get the medical care they need.

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