We turn 'nos' into yeses as part of our comprehensive revenue cycle managment solution.

Claims Resolution

When a claim is denied, we take intelligent action to recover cash. Tailoring our workflow and tools to properly appeal and recover accounts quickly, Signature Performance also provides trending analyses to help reduce future denials.

Third Party Liability


When it comes to managing your revenue cycle, it’s difficult to apply the proper resources on highly specialized recovery efforts. That is why we offer Third-Party Liability Collection Services. We take the necessary steps to making your entire revenue stream flow smoothly, so you don’t have to.

  • Electronicall identify potential TPL accounts
  • Conduct the investigation to identify responsible parties
  • Place responsible parties on notice of your right to seek reimbursement
  • Ensure the correct party is paying the bill
  • Continually follow up to ensure maximium recovery

On average, only 3% of a health systems receivables are the product of auto accident insurance, worker’s compensation or other general liability claims. Additionally, the work needed to collect these funds requires specialized tactics and a hefty time commitment. You can trust our experienced team to utilize the unique skills necessary to capture these dollars so you can focus on the rest of your receivables.

Successful Third-Party Liability Collections takes time, money and talent. Our experts will analyze claims and identify when other sources for healthcare coverage may be liable for claim payments. This allows your staff to focus on the other 97% of your revenue stream.

Underpayment Identification & Recovery

Combining cutting-edge technologies, time-tested processes, and unrivaled expertise, Signature Performance's contract management system empowers you to recover more of the money owed to your facility. As with all our services, we track, analyze, and report our own performance, so you can see our results in action.

Identify Payment Discrepancies with AllPayor®

Signature Performance's AllPayor® System helps you recover every dollar you're due. It begins by calculating the expected plan benefit from all payers—including United, Aetna, Blue Cross, Humana, CIGNA, Medicare, Medicaid, and all others.

AllPayor® then compares the expected benefit from the actual benefit received, identifying any payment discrepancies and making recovery easy with adjudication letters—generated automatically. These letters are contract-specific and contain all the info needed to resolve the resubmission, including dates, ICN numbers, and more, streamlining your claim management process.

Gain Greater Insights

Keep track of monthly contractual allowances for unbilled and in-house changes with AllPayor®, creating a clear, formal structure and eliminating unwieldy spreadsheets. Easily compare profitability metrics by payer, facility, product line, and physician, identifying your competitive strengths and empowering strategic decisions for the future.

Contact us to learn how you can save more with claim management from Signature Performance's AllPayor® System.

Medicare Review

Chances are good that a significant portion of your facility's payments come through Medicare—but unpaid and underpaid claims are more common than you may think. Recover more of the revenue that's owed to you with Signature Performance.

Our team, working with the AllPayor® claim management and contract modeling solutions, can audit your facility specifically for Medicare claims, bringing millions back to your coffers. We'll identify both unpaid and underpaid claims for inpatient and outpatient visits—and even help you perform the necessary follow-up to be properly paid in full.

Contact us to learn more about how our Medicare reviews can save you millions and receive a free demo of our AllPayor® software.