Accurate insurance data  can make the difference between a facility surviving and thriving.

Claims Resolution

When a claim is denied, we take intelligent action to recover cash. Tailoring our workflow and tools to properly appeal and recover accounts quickly, Signature Performance also provides trending analyses to help reduce future denials.

Third Party Liability


When it comes to managing your revenue cycle, it’s difficult to apply the proper resources on highly specialized recovery efforts. That is why we offer Third-Party Liability Collection Services. We take the necessary steps to making your entire revenue stream flow smoothly, so you don’t have to.

  • Electronicall identify potential TPL accounts
  • Conduct the investigation to identify responsible parties
  • Place responsible parties on notice of your right to seek reimbursement
  • Ensure the correct party is paying the bill
  • Continually follow up to ensure maximium recovery

On average, only 3% of a health systems receivables are the product of auto accident insurance, worker’s compensation or other general liability claims. Additionally, the work needed to collect these funds requires specialized tactics and a hefty time commitment. You can trust our experienced team to utilize the unique skills necessary to capture these dollars so you can focus on the rest of your receivables.

Successful Third-Party Liability Collections takes time, money and talent. Our experts will analyze claims and identify when other sources for healthcare coverage may be liable for claim payments. This allows your staff to focus on the other 97% of your revenue stream.