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Documentation & Support

Administrative Revenue Cycle Management Services

Administrative work may not be the exciting part of your facility, but it's essential for strong revenue cycle performance. Without high-quality credentialing, payment posting, transcription, and other business process fulfillment, you can suffer a barrage of setbacks, errors, and costly frustrations.

Signature Performance does more than handle these administrative tasks with dependable quality assurance. We integrate them into our holistic suite of services, so your facility's most important task—treating patients—can continue unimpeded. By consolidating administration into our comprehensive services, we help your facility achieve newfound efficiency, avoid expensive errors, and improve both patient satisfaction and financial performance.

Contract Management / Modeling & Patient Estimation

Your facility's payment system is complex. Managing claims, modeling contracts, and providing patients out-of-pocket estimates involves innumerable moving parts. Imagine how much time, money, and strategic insight you could gain by being able to calculate claims and prospective payments instantly on demand.

With Signature Performance's AllPayor®, you can. Powerful, accurate, and easy to use, this software solution has identified tens of millions of dollars in unpaid or underpaid claims for hospitals across the country.

Built in Oracle, AllPayor® is HIPAA secure and available online to any designated staff member. With contract modeling capabilities for every payer—including Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, CIGNA, Medicare, Medicaid, and all others—AllPayor® helps your facility simplify complicated processes for better management, smarter negotiations, and happier patients.

Contract Management

Your facility's agreements with payers are the lifelines that keep revenue flowing; they're the basis of all claims you submit. But these agreements can be extremely complex and claims often miss the mark, resulting in underpayments and lost revenue.

Contract Modeling

When revising payer contracts, soliciting new offers, or planning alternate strategies for the future, it's best to have all the facts in hand. That means knowing exactly how different agreements will affect your facility's finances—that's precisely what Signature Performance's AllPayor® solution enables you to do.

Strengthen your negotiations and strategies with in-depth models. Customize hypothetical scenarios or adjust existing agreements to see the effects of new offers on your bottom line. By quantifying new proposals in real-time and analyzing across a range of variables, you can negotiate the most favorable terms for your facility.

Contact us to learn more about how accurately modeling contracts can help you secure better agreements.

Patient Liability Estimation

When patients consider your facility for an elective service, cost is a major factor in their decision. Price depends on a number of factors, unique to each case: operating costs, staff, and patient conditions can all affect the out-of-pocket price. Providing an accurate upfront estimate is typically time-consuming and difficult—most facilities settle for uncertain price ranges, leaving patients in the dark.

Credentialing Services

Enrolling and credentialing providers with payers is critical to your facility's revenue stream; without accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date credentialing, you will not be reimbursed properly or in a timely manner. The result is denials and unpaid claims—effectively stalling your revenue stream at the source.

Signature Performance can help your facility enroll, credential, and re-credential both providers and payers of all types. Our experienced team works closely with your staff to ensure your facility's credentialing process is effective, efficient, and always on track.

Contact us to learn more about how up-to-date credentialing can ensure your revenue.


Your facility's physicians don't have the time to write notes by hand—they dictate them instead. But medical transcriptions can be overly expensive, and if they're not integrated into your team's process, they can slow everything down. In fact, signing off on a medical transcription is often the first step in the payment cycle.

Signature Performance enables seamless transcriptions that complement our holistic suite of services; from transcribing, to coding, billing, and more. Take advantage of our comprehensive management to lighten the load on your staff and allow them to do what they do best: treat patients, enhance health, and make lives better.

Contact us to learn how Signature Performance's integrated medical transcriptions can help your facility.

Medical Support Staffing & Services

The staff at your healthcare facility is one of a kind—but due to workforce transitions, changing skill requirements, or shifting regulatory issues, you could use a helping hand. From admitting new patients, to referring others to specialists, to coding, appointing, and administration, augmenting your team offers major long-range benefits down the line: faster service, fewer missteps, and greater satisfaction for all.

Signature Performance can take your staff to the next level with expert training and outsourced staffing solutions. Along with staffing, our professional program support can empower you to run your facility better, optimizing staff performance and patient experience. Let us help you raise your quality of care.

Other available services include:

  • Patient Appointing

  • Medical Records

  • Medical Coding & Auditing

  • Medical Transcription

  • Case Management

  • Medical Administration

  • Medical Clerical & Office Support

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