Medical coding is a crutial cog in the comprehensive revenue cycle.

Health Information Management

Health Informantion Management (HIM) is a critical part of your healthcare facility's operations, but it's also complex, confusing, and strictly regulated. With the implementation of ICD-10 coding standards the pressure to ensure your processes can support increased documentation requirements has never been higher.

Signature Performance's coding and documentation review solutions help you efficiently ensure accuracy and compliance. From medical coding and auditing, to training, to remote support, we collaborate closely with your team to enhance your workflows, improve data quality, and deliver exceptional results.


Your facility's physicians don't have the time to write notes by hand—they dictate them instead. But medical transcriptions can be overly expensive, and if they're not integrated into your team's process, they can slow everything down. In fact, signing off on a medical transcription is often the first step in the payment cycle.

Signature Performance enables seamless transcriptions that complement our holistic suite of services; from transcribing, to coding, billing, and more. Take advantage of our comprehensive management to lighten the load on your staff and allow them to do what they do best: treat patients, enhance health, and make lives better.

Contact us to learn how Signature Performance's integrated medical transcriptions can help your facility.

Medical Coding and Auditing

Our Commitment to Excellence

As revenue cycle coding experts, we're acutely aware of the impact your coding program has on your facility's health. That's why we set our bar above and beyond best practices: all staff maintain AHIMA and/or AAPC certifications, our internal quality assurance (QA) program cultivates meticulous coders, and our QA accuracy rate exceeds the industry standard with an average 97.5%.

Imagine the Possibilities - Signature’s Coding Center of Excellence

Imagine a Coding Center of Excellence, built entirely around the needs of professional medical coders, that creates a coding and clinical documentation experience unlike any in the industry. We have built such a place to support our team and add value to your hospital.

Twice named as one of Omaha’s Best Places to Work, Signature Performance shines in a city known for great people, technology and processes. We understand the needs of a well-trained workforce and offer a base of coding operations designed to handle any needs that may arise during the course of a coder’s assignments. The Signature Performance Coding Center of Excellence (SPCCE) offers an attractive professional development experience that allows associates to perform at their peak potential, and have career opportunity options available to help them grow.

Benefits of Signature’s Coding Center of Excellence:

Connect - Our associates connect with other coding professionals in a dream environment. Our facilities are built around what is important to you. Coding services, dashboard monitoring, auditing and education all housed under the same roof in our SPCCE Command Center.
Learn - Not only the medical coding profession but also business and leadership skills needed to thrive in an every changing industry.
Excellence - We are building a legacy. A legacy of delivering breakthrough performance and commanding results.
Grow - With a team that values its members and professional development.

What Our Clients Say

"The knowledge Signature coders have is invaluable. Their continuous involvement in educating our medical group population, mainly our providers, has shown a significant rise in our compliance in medical documentation."
- Healthcare Leader

Certified Expert Coding Services

Clear all your coding concerns and gain the peace of mind that comes from accredited experts with proven track records. Signature Performance's fully managed coding solutions can greatly improve your accuracy and timeliness and drive better revenue integrity to ensure you're properly reimbursed and compliant.

Covering more than 120 clinical specialties, our experienced coders boast the following certifications: CPC, CPC-H, CPC-I, CCS, CCS-P, RHIA, RHIT, CHCA, and CPMA. Service options include Outpatient, Inpatient, Emergency, Ambulatory Procedure, Professional Services, and Ancillary Services.

Our industry leading standards mean our coders consistently outperform the competition, with an average quality assurance accuracy of 97.5%. We achieve these results for clients thanks to our propriety SPARKS© system that monitors the productivity, precision, and workload of each coder.

Signature Performance is proud to offer both entirely on-shore solutions and economical hybrid on-shore/off-shore solutions to fit your facility's needs.

Contract Management / Modeling

Your facility's payment system is complex. Managing claims, modeling contracts, and providing patients out-of-pocket estimates involves innumerable moving parts. Imagine how much time, money, and strategic insight you could gain by being able to calculate claims and prospective payments instantly on demand.

With Signature Performance's AllPayor®, you can. Powerful, accurate, and easy to use, this software solution has identified tens of millions of dollars in unpaid or underpaid claims for hospitals across the country.

Built in Oracle, AllPayor® is HIPAA secure and available online to any designated staff member. With contract modeling capabilities for every payer—including Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, CIGNA, Medicare, Medicaid, and all others—AllPayor® helps your facility simplify complicated processes for better management, smarter negotiations, and happier patients.

Contract Management

Your facility's agreements with payers are the lifelines that keep revenue flowing; they're the basis of all claims you submit. But these agreements can be extremely complex and claims often miss the mark, resulting in underpayments and lost revenue.

Contract Modeling

When revising payer contracts, soliciting new offers, or planning alternate strategies for the future, it's best to have all the facts in hand. That means knowing exactly how different agreements will affect your facility's finances—that's precisely what Signature Performance's AllPayor® solution enables you to do.

Strengthen your negotiations and strategies with in-depth models. Customize hypothetical scenarios or adjust existing agreements to see the effects of new offers on your bottom line. By quantifying new proposals in real-time and analyzing across a range of variables, you can negotiate the most favorable terms for your facility.

Contact us to learn more about how accurately modeling contracts can help you secure better agreements.

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Whether your facility needs to outsource a coding solution or verify accuracy with comprehensive audits, you can rely on Signature Performance to supply superior expertise, experience, and execution.

Compliance Audits

In healthcare, a second opinion can make a big difference—the same holds true in medical coding. Signature Performance's compliance audits by our specialty-specific staff prevent inaccuracies and enhance your team's processes for better results. We take a comprehensive review of your documentation and code sets, providing educational, individualized feedback and training.

Our auditing team is experienced with Medical Necessity (for Evaluation and Management leveling), Modifiers, and Units parameters, as well as Present On Admission (POA) and Discharge Disposition elements, so your codes will be aligned with the latest regulations.

What Our Clients Say

"Signature Performance provided outstanding coding audit results that were easy to understand and allowed us to effectively improve our coding and documentation procedures."
- AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer

Clinical Coding Training Solution

Trust our experienced subject matter experts and trainers to get your staff up to speed. Equipped with the distinguished AHIMA ICD-10 certification and endorsed by the AHIMA Ambassador Program, our training team closely follows the latest changes in ICD-10 via AHIMA's continuing education certifications (CECs).

Our training is suited to you: we offer both on-site training and online webinars to improve the quality of your coders. Because Signature Performance's training is audit-based and specialty-specific, our feedback is always tangible and immediately actionable. From one-on-one education to streamlining your existing coding processes, our experienced coders, trainers, and managers will make your facility more accurate, efficient, and effective.

Coding and auditing services are available with hourly or per-chart pricing. Contact us to learn more, get started, and enhance your coding processes.

Credentialing Services

Enrolling and credentialing providers with payers is critical to your facility's revenue stream; without accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date credentialing, you will not be reimbursed properly or in a timely manner. The result is denials and unpaid claims—effectively stalling your revenue stream at the source.

Signature Performance can help your facility enroll, credential, and re-credential both providers and payers of all types. Our experienced team works closely with your staff to ensure your facility's credentialing process is effective, efficient, and always on track.

Contact us to learn more about how up-to-date credentialing can ensure your revenue.