Patients will be treated with dignity and respect so your customers have a positive experience during the collection processes.

Self-Pay Services

Credit Balance Auditing

Sometimes mistakes happen but how does your organization discover when an overpayment has been made to a provider? We can assist in boosting your revenue cycle performance by solving persistent issues and finding increased opportunities through Signature’s credit balance auditing services.

We are experts at singling out, monitoring and going after the funds that belong to your hospital.

We do not stop at finding the gaps in the process; we solve the problems that caused the error. In this way, you can rest assured that going forward bothersome credit balance issues will be eliminated. Signature’s payment Accuracy Program drives results directly to you bottom line. Not only do we solve the issue but we take the time to educate the providers along the way. As a full-service revenue cycle service organization, we understand the interplay between functional departments, and can cross-communicate, preventing future mistakes and overpayments.

Signature’s credit balance auditing is yet another way we are helping to improve the health of our clients’ business and making the lives of those we work with better.

Legacy Accounts Receivable Management

Change is never easy, especially when migrating your old patient accounting system to a new platform. As you implement your new accounts receivable (A/R) system, the last thing you want is to interrupt cash flow and decrease revenue cycle performance.

Rely on Signature Performance to manage and resolve legacy A/R, minimizing cash loss and helping your team get up to speed on the new system. Our robust expertise, powerful technology Peer Reviewed by HFMA, and deep experience will ensure you maximize legacy recoveries and maintain patient satisfaction during this critical transition.

Signature Performance can help make the transition from a legacy system to the new system seamless, mitigating the risks and frustrations often associated with conversions.

Contact us today to learn more about how Signature Performance can help your facility upgrade without any downtime.

Self-Pay / Early Out Recovery Services

As the healthcare industry evolves and more patients take on larger payments, recovery of self-pay accounts can slow down your staff and detract from higher priorities.

Signature Performance is here to help. When we saw the coming trend of patients assuming a greater portion of hospital costs, we re-engineered our self-pay system to offer more to hospitals and patients. By providing new and innovative payment options, we make things easier for all parties.

We can function as an extended business office for your facility, taking responsibility to resolve these accounts with a caring approach that treats patients with dignity and respect. At the same time, we free up your team to focus on valuable insurance accounts, ensuring greater recoveries and patient satisfaction.

Signature Performance works closely with you to craft a recovery plan aligned to your mission, goals, and patient population. From design, to implementation, to continual improvement, we'll make sure this custom plan works well for you and your patients.