Signature Performance Makes Hospitals Financially Healthier

Caring for patients’ health is an important job.

We know how hard you work for them – but what about the health of your bottom line? While you focus on patients, Signature Performance is here to improve the financial health of your facility.

We’ve broken the mold of typical revenue cycle services companies by being a single point of accountability. Whether you’re looking to improve the front, middle or back end of your revenue cycle, we can help. Our services will put you in the best financial position to offer clinical advancements leading to healthy patients.

That's how we fulfill our mission of 'Improving the health of our clients' business and making the lives of the people we work with better.'

When that happens, everyone wins.

We’ll Cure Your Vendor Fatigue

When you use multiple vendors to support your business office, departments often don’t communicate, causing breakdowns in admissions, billing, and eventually care.

Signature Performance changes all of that.

As the single source for all your business office needs, we are here to meet the increasing demands of the healthcare industry. No more managing multiple vendors and no more dealing with internal turnover that kills production.

We allow your facility to reduce costs, increase revenue, and speed transactions, allowing you to focus on delivering greater care.

Our Vision

At Signature Performance, we are building a legacy.
A legacy of delivering breakthrough performance and commanding results.
A legacy of client satisfaction and a premier experience with our associates unlike anything the industry has ever known.
A legacy upon which we are proud to place our signature.

Committed to Your Success

We never cut corners, mince words, or steer you wrong. Our accomplished team of subject matter experts boasts years of hands-on industry experience. We combine revenue cycle expertise with powerful technology and proven best practices to improve your facility and the lives of all who enter it. We treat our employees with the same respect we extend clients – it's why we've been named one of the Best Places to Work multiple times.

We're committed to building our business based on our values of respect, integrity, courage and passion. It's earned us a legacy of client satisfaction upon which we're proud to place our signature.

Our History