At Signature Performance, our team believes that prioritizing growth opportunities, both personal and professional, is an important component to a positive workplace culture and experience. Cody Swanson, an Operations Manager at Signature Performance, recently participated in a new professional opportunity that allowed him to utilize his natural strengths and expertise in a new way. Cody shared how this experience allowed him to gain valuable industry knowledge and how he can apply what he learned to his current role at Signature Performance.

I was recently given an opportunity to help assist some of Signature’s top leaders during an assessment at a rural hospital as an Implementation Assistant. The executive team at Signature Performance decided to make an investment in me based on my track record of finding solutions in my current line of business and my strengths including learner, analytical and input.

During this experience, my goal was to capture as much information as possible and position myself to be an aid for the implementation team. I was very excited, not only to get a first-hand look at the fine details of a hospital’s revenue cycle up close, but also to get a better understanding of what it is specifically that Signature Performance offers the commercial arena. Having worked on the public payer side throughout my tenure, I knew very little of the private provider side of our business, other than it existed and we shared a common mission of improving the business of healthcare.

The few days that I spent with the hospital and clinic staff were split into one-or two-hour meetings with all of the different departments. The meetings were set up to facilitate questioning and answering for both sides. For example, we had many specific questions when engaging with the Patient Financial Services team, who are largely in charge of the revenue cycle, but when we met directly with the physicians over lunch, our sole question was “How can we make things better for you?”

I really enjoyed having these types of conversations directly with providers. It was fascinating to see some of the administrative and workflow items broken down. Because of this experience, I can much better visualize and understand the entire process from when a patient walks in and registers, the physician sees a patient, the chart is created and coded, and finally when the coded claim is billed. If one part of this process lacks accuracy or timeliness, the chances of submitting a clean claim that can quickly be paid decreases. It was very eye-opening how each of the departments in charge of these steps is truly critical to the whole process. Because of this experience, I am now in a position to better educate and empathize with providers who are in difficult situations.

The inspiring part for me during this experience was engaging directly with this provider. At Signature Performance, we have the tools and knowledge needed to make a lasting impact very quickly. Our deep knowledge of the industry allows for a quick implementation of best practices within the industry and monitoring of KPIs. Being able to tap into Signature’s IT infrastructure will grant them the ability to be much more agile in the sphere of healthcare and allow their existing software to be more efficient.

I am incredibly grateful to have been selected for this opportunity. Those two days are just one more example among many of Signature Performance living up to its full mission statement. Not only are we looking to improve the health of their business, my life and career were made better as well. I feel more inspired than ever. 

Our Signature Way culture and a consistent investment in the growth, development, and empowerment of our team allows us to work from anywhere while we continue to serve our clients’ with a unique comprehension of the largest challenges both payers and providers face today.

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