Billing & Claims Management

Prevent incorrect billing, speed up incoming cash flow and reduce overall administrative costs.

The Signature Performance Difference

Your facility relies on prompt and accurate accounts receivable to generate cash flow and support your operations. At Signature Performance, we have perspective and experience on both the payer and provider sides of claims processing and can make the process more efficient through innovation and efficiencies.


  • Optimize processes for timely filing and payment
  • Generate clean claims to improve accuracy and reduce the likelihood of denials
  • Educate payers on invalid denials to increase payment for services
  • Provide necessary documentation to expedite the payment process

What is included?

We’ll improve the health of your business by tailoring an accounts receivable solution that meets the goals of your facility.


Contract Monitoring

Through Signature’s contract management system, and understanding contract language nuances and preferences, we are able to setup processes that optimize proper reimbursement. In addition, it allows us to work effectively within the systems that are used, to help you produce timely and accurate claims that get paid the first time. We keep abreast of ongoing revisions in order to manage changing payer criteria and expedite processing.

Medical Coding

Charge Capture

Routine exams often lead to missed procedures when charting. We identify and reroute claims where sequential or bundled services aren’t properly coded and need to go back to the provider or coder for corrections. Capturing these charges will increase your revenue for services that were provided and decrease denial for more complex services.

insurance billing

Insurance Billing

Our goal for you is clean claims that are accurately processed and reimbursed the first time they are submitted. With claims scrubbing we can flag issues instantly, prior to submission, to ensure claims get paid faster and denials are reduced.In addition, we track contract guidelines to ensure timely filing.

Insurance Forms

Insurance Follow-Up and Recovery

When claims are denied for invalid reasons or simply not paid, we will intervene with the third party insurance payers to make sure that your claim is properly adjudicated.

payment posting

Payment Posting

Payers often send payments in batches that need to be applied to multiple accounts. We’re experts at making sure the right funds go toward the right services, whether it’s the provider or the facility, and that the right patient’s account is credited with the right amount.

payment posting

Payer Relations

Our payer relations team works with the payer to make sure the guidelines are clear and applied correctly so claims are paid faster and with more accuracy.

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