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You need a partner like Signature Performance who understands the end-to-end claims cycle and can optimize your processes and systems, while reducing administrative costs.

We serve some of the largest payers in the country, including Veterans Affairs. We also serve provider networks from the Defense Health Agency to rural and critical access hospitals. Our experience with the many sides of healthcare administration gives us insights into the challenges each group faces when communicating with the other. Leveraging our inside knowledge of payers, providers and patients helps us create understanding between the major stakeholders in healthcare.

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Claims Adjudication and Payment Processing

Timely and accurate payments are the linchpin of the payer-provider relationship. Your customers also count on you to process their claims accurately and timely to minimize their out-of-pocket expense to the contracted amount. We adjudicate claims using a first in, first out method, follow up regularly on claims pended for review and process payments in small batches to keep payments flowing to providers.
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Contact Center

Quality customer services is imperative to any operation. We have experience setting up customized contact center structures and procedures and can assist by providing services for multiple specialties, including Medical, Dental, Behavior Health and Pharmacy services. Services are customized based on service type, provider preferences, and other unique processes and requirements. Standard Operating Procedures and workflows are created for staff to ensure full quality customer service is provided for every call.

Provider Education

Even though great strides have been made over the years to standardize file formats and claims criteria, your system is different than the next payer. We can help educate providers on the nuances of your process that will help them complete claims more accurately, allowing for fewer denials on covered services.

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Being on both sides of the claims process, we know the challenges and how to overcome them.

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Being on both sides of the claims process, we know the challenges and how to overcome them.

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