When Signature Performance’s mission was crafted 15 years ago, it was with the intent that what you do for a living is much more than just going to an office five days a week. Your career can be a fulfilling calling that is complete with meaning and full of impact.  Collectively, we believe that lowering the administrative cost of care for everyone will help transform the business of healthcare. At Signature, we understand the value of performing at our very best, and the energizing power of feeling valued and inspired. We understand that when our Associates feel valued, it has a massive impact not just on their personal life, but also on their career and professional goals. This is the Signature Way.

Over the years, a lot of thought and consideration has gone into cultivating the Signature Way culture that provides Associates with a workplace experience unlike anything they have belonged to before. An essential component of the Signature Way is constructing and supporting a workplace environment where our Associates and clients feel respected and valued at all times. This is done by living out our core values of courage, passion, integrity and respect.  We truly value each other’s differences as much as our similarities and strive to encourage growth in every aspect of life.

By prioritizing inclusion and embracing diversity within our offices, our Associates are given the opportunity to be their best selves and achieve a higher performance by utilizing their natural strengths and talents. When our Associates feel empowered, that drive and enthusiasm finds its way to the client. Honing in on these strengths and the knowledge gained by the process allows our clients to be more successful because our Associates who are working with them are engaged and passionate about the work they are doing everyday.

Even though the Signature Way begins with high performance, it also focuses on the well-being of the person while achieving results and moving the needle for clients who are in need of healthcare administration expertise. The Signature Way culture allows us to work as a united team and serve our clients’ in the center of the healthcare industry with a unique comprehension of the largest problems both payers and providers face today. Signature is a go-to source that can solve a client’s unique problem with the utmost integrity. The success Signature Performance receives is a direct reflection of the team effort of working toward a common mission of reducing healthcare administrative costs in the United States.

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