A group met in Lincoln, Nebraska, on May 15th through 17th at UNL’s Nebraska Innovation Campus following a paradigm shift in business. The focus of the Do More Good Conference was business execution with purpose. The message was to bring community, associates, service, values, ethics, and love, front and center in these companies’ board room meetings. When business is looked at in this manner our work becomes a calling.

The Do More Good Approach

The inaugural Do More Good Conference brought together like-minded business champions from across the country. These organizations gathered to challenge the status quo and create momentum for the future of business. Firespring’s CEO Jay Wilkinson, the developer and sponsor of Do More Good, gave an impassioned presentation about his company’s purpose orientation. His company gives much back to the community while remaining highly profitable and competitive. This holistic approach has driven sustainable growth and development. They are one example of a company demonstrating that maximizing long-term versus short-term results helps them to outperform their competitors.

Conscious capitalism, B Corporations, and benefit corporations are all part of a movement to use business to do good. Leaders from each of these types of organizations presented during the event. The overall encouragement of Do More Good is that businesses should adapt to using purpose as a driver of success – or risk losing momentum. Things like shareholder value alone is no reason for people to come to work. Instead company leaders must be willing to unlock the purpose of their teams with values-based long-term strategies.

Signature Performance encapsulates the vision of Do More Good, and we will continue to dig into our approach ensuring our teams work with purpose. Signature has always been a values-based company. Celebrating 15 years of service, our mission is: “To improve the health of our clients’ business and making the lives of the people we work with better”, which applies inside our walls and outside. Our people and teams volunteer regularly through our Associate Resource Groups. In addition, our teams serve critical access hospitals and the Veteran’s Administration. For us, our purpose is written on the walls, we hear it spoken in our meetings, and we feel it when we perform our individual roles. The ideas from Do More Good will serve to give us further inspiration.

Do More Good teaches and reinforces the values of business as a force of good when leaders and teams actively decide to work with purpose. It has given me reason to pause and reflect on how I can best position Signature to deliver exceptional results for our clients.