We have recently partnered with the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce to offer a new benefit option to our Associates. The Greater Omaha Worklab program, also known as GrOW, is a free resource that is now available to help Associates maneuver through life’s challenges that can have a negative impact on the workplace experience.

Danielle Ward-Thompson

“GrOW places specially trained navigators in the workplace to provide personalized, immediate assistance when Associates need it most,” Chad Mares, Director of Workforce Services at the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, said. “By helping workers address a range of life issues and challenges, GrOW helps to minimize work disruptions, decrease absenteeism, improve workers’ financial stability and can ultimately increase employee retention and engagement.”

Currently, Signature Performance is one of only four companies in the Omaha area who have implemented this program as part of the company’s benefit packages. 

“The Greater Omaha Worklab (GrOW) program officially launched with our first employer partner on July 1st, 2019,” Mares said. “We are a member of Worklab Innovations, Inc.,which has members that have been doing this work since 2003.” 

Our assigned navigator, Danielle Ward-Thompson, will be on-site three days a week to assist Associates with accessing reliable transportation, managing student debt, financial planning, finding affordable childcare, and how to properly manage stress. Each of these independent services are confidential and can be customized to meet each of our Associate’s needs.  

“The GrOW navigator service is a way to provide a more inclusive benefit package to all levels of employees. We see this as the next generation of employee benefits that truly allows for an employee to bring their whole selves into the workplace,” Mares said.

We Prioritize Associates’ Physical and Mental Health

Our team was recently named the #1 Healthiest Workplace by Modern Healthcare. We are honored to be recognized on a national level for our Associate resource groups, workshops and robust benefit packages that promote the importance of the physical and mental well-being of each Associate. By implementing the GrOW program, in conjunction with our existing benefit packages, our Associates’ well-being will continue to be a priority. We believe when Associates are able to thrive in their personal lives, they are able to grow professionally and excel in their careers. 

When Associates can be present physically and mentally at work, it shows in their job performance. Associates who are completely present at work are able to be actively engaged with the company’s mission and goals. Engaged Associates who have a positive work experience are more emotionally connected to the work they are doing and want to continue to use their talents to work toward a common mission. The success we see at Signature Performance is a direct reflection of the team effort of all of us working toward a common mission. Our Associates and client’s success will always be a key component of our Signature legacy. 

We were drawn to this new program because we know when our Associates are thriving our clients benefit,” Mark Mathia, Chief Experience Officer, said. “We are dedicated to creating an Associate experience unlike anything the industry has ever seen. We really believe that the GrOW program has the potential to be an essential piece of the experience that we are building.”

At Signature Performance, we take our mission of improving the health of our clients’ business and making the lives of the people we work with better seriously. We are committed to cultivating a highly engaged company culture that enhances the overall well-being of every Associate. Contact our team today or follow along on our Facebook page to learn more about Signature Performance’s Vision.