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How? Simply partner with us. We’re Signature Performance, your Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management experts. Our custom solutions are proven to reduce coding errors, optimize workflow, increase reimbursement, mitigate risk and more, allowing you to focus on delivering excellent patient care.


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Our Signature Performance team will work with you to address your specific revenue needs and goals. Our services include:

Health Information Management
Ensure the availability, accuracy, integrity and security of all data related to patient healthcare encounters. Coding process enhancements and improved documentation and data quality will produce optimal results that meet or exceed your critical financial, clinical and quality metrics.

Revenue Cycle Management
Healthy revenue leads to healthy operations. Implementing our RCM solutions will improve day-to-day operations; ensure timely, proper payments; speed up reimbursements, increase claims automations acceptance rate, creating a positive ROI; and increase cash flow.

Billing and Claims Management

Prompt and accurate accounts receivable resolution, generate cash flow and support your operations. We’ll help you:

  • Optimize processes for timely filing and payment.
  • Generate clean claims to improve accuracy and reduce denials.
  • Work with payers on denials to recover revenue quicker.
  • Provide necessary documentation to expedite the payment process.

Insurance Resolution

Identifying the root cause of denials can lead to systemic changes, either in your systems or with the payer, helping reduce future denials. Our experience in claims processing and in working with multi hospital systems gives us greater leverage with payers to negotiate reprocessing, even when timely filing has passed.

Revenue Integrity
Through a series of reviews, we will 1) determine the status of each account and correct identified errors and 2) identify and manage unbilled dollars and prioritize high dollar claims follow-up. We are proactive in identifying recurring issues in processes and procedures, which leads to increased revenue and improved compliance.

Inpatient and Outpatient Clinical Documentation Improvement
Ensure that your physician documentation accurately depicts the patients’ clinical picture and reflects the integrity of financial, clinical and quality outcomes.

Increase your revenue and lower your blood pressure.

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