With the ever-changing regulations in the healthcare industry, especially during a global pandemic, it’s crucial to partner with an organization who makes it a priority to stay on top of the latest healthcare trends, talent drivers, and technologies. With the end of 2020 quickly approaching, our team at Signature Performance is already looking to 2021 and making important moves so we can make the biggest impact in healthcare possible.


Allen Fredrickson – CEO/President 

I believe healthcare will change heading into 2021, especially healthcare administration. There have always been soft spots in healthcare, but this pandemic has exposed those vulnerabilities profoundly. Healthcare administrative demands have been the primary soft spot during the last nine months. However, a change probably won’t happen in the midst of the pandemic because the focus needs to remain on care and treatment, but once the pandemic ends, I believe the exposure of those vulnerabilities will create an interest in how to improve and streamline healthcare administrative demands in order to be successful moving forward. Providers have been tasked with trying to be experts in both administrative responsibilities and patient care. They shouldn’t have to be. By engaging additional expert support to execute upon administrative demands, providers can get back to doing what they do best, providing an unmatched patient experience. Each day, our team is focused on delivering the very best healthcare administration expertise in the industry and that will continue into the new year. We are incredibly proud of our clients who are on the frontlines of this pandemic. We have been surrounded by a lot of strength as we all endure this season of change. As we prepare for 2021, I continue to be optimistic and excited about the positive impact that our team is making in healthcare. 

Rick Pane – Chief Finance Officer

I see two areas where Signature will make a significant impact on healthcare in 2021 that align with our mission to lower the administrative costs in healthcare. The first is the launch of our new claims processing system, ClaimsXM.  This system will bring significant automation to claims processing and drive much greater efficiencies for our clients and their members. The opportunity to increase auto adjudication and reduce manual interventions will be a game changer. Lastly, our revenue cycle management services continue to get better and better. Cash flow, while always important, is even more critical due to the stresses in the healthcare industry caused by COVID. Our ability to get claims processed cleanly and efficiently and thus get payments to providers ultimately reduces administrative hassles and costs and allows providers to focus on what they do best…care for patients.

Lori Hoffart – VP of Provider Operations

From an operations perspective, the biggest focus heading into 2021 will need to be stabilizing and reducing costs. Stabilizing and reducing costs is relevant to both the clinical and administrative realms of healthcare. In order to become efficient and reduce costs in both areas, new technology and a process redesign must be implemented. The cost for administrative rework only continues to grow, and this is a time in healthcare history that cannot allow for those costs to keep climbing, especially when reimbursement rates are not increasing. There is too much room for error in a manual process. Efficiency can be achieved by using an automated process when it comes to monitoring, tracking and processing claims. Secondly, quality over quantity will need to be a priority now more than ever when it comes to reimbursement models. Quality has always been a primary focus, but the reimbursement process will be more heavily focused on quality moving forward.

Chris Vairo – Chief Revenue Officer

headshot of Chris VairoThere have been a lot of infrastructure and administrative changes in the healthcare industry historically, but especially this past year.  However, one thing will remain the same as we head into 2021, the values of Signature Performance. Our core values of passion, integrity, courage, and respect will continue to play an integral role in our client’s success and overall performance. Reducing the cost of healthcare administration demands carries a new level of importance as the healthcare industry navigates the impacts that 2020 delivered. This coming year, Signature Performance is launching new and innovative ways to help our healthcare industry significantly reduce costs. Our hospitals and healthcare providers have been doing all that they can to manage the huge impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our industry expertise paired with our values will always fuel our mission of improving the health of our client’s business and in making the lives of people we work with better. We are hitting the ground running in 2021. 

Dawn Wierzbicki – Senior Vice President of Partner Engagement 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed not only day to day routines, but how different industries plan to move forward while accommodating recent changes. Old methods have been abandoned as new strategies have emerged. Whether we like it or not, this pandemic has forced everyone to slow down and into a place of practicing patience. We are all waiting to see how this “new normal” will continue to unfold, personally and professionally. Navigating a new sense of normal at home and in an industry like healthcare will take time. Providers are working overtime to figure out their new normal and how to continue doing what they do best in the most effective way possible, treating those who are in need of medical care with quality care. Progress is being made in the healthcare industry and as we head into 2021, our team at Signature Performance will make an impact by implementing what we have learned during this unusual time and pairing it with our industry expertise in order to provide the healthcare industry with the administrative support they need now more than ever.  

Mark Mathia – Chief Experience Officer

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a close family member of mine fell gravely ill. All of a sudden, my family and I were forced into healthcare systems that are under siege. While COVID-19 remains the number one concern, the extra care and effort it takes to triage incoming patients, clear them for treatment after COVID-19 testing, and monitoring safety is extensive. The pandemic has placed a greater demand on healthcare workers and added to an already heavy workload. Signature Performance continues to be uniquely positioned heading into 2021 to solve a few of the most considerable problems that exist in the business of healthcare today. These problems are the administrative burdens and costs that notoriously take caregivers’ eyes off of patients and the business of providing quality care. When caregivers are set free to do what they do best, it will help strengthen areas like patient experience, gaining clarity around cost and transparency, and operationalizing care coordination like what was necessary in order for my loved one to thrive during such uncertain times in healthcare.  

Signature Performance Looks Ahead to 2021 

When a team performs together with a common purpose, they learn how to win. At Signature Performance, we understand that our clients are coming to us because they need assistance. Our mission and commitment to improving the health of our clients’ business and making the lives of the people we work with better is what provides unmatched quality and performance for our partners. We are dedicated to making a lasting impact in the nexus of healthcare by inhabiting the payer, provider, federal and community sectors. Our experience on both the payer and provider side of the business is what allows our team the opportunity to evaluate healthcare industry issues from a variety of perspectives and create custom solutions that get to the core of the problem. We believe the healthcare industry in the United States deserves only the best, and that sentiment is what motivates our dedicated team to do our very best each and every day. It’s our calling to bend the cost of healthcare administration by improving overall quality and minimizing resources. 

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