COVID-19 is a fast-moving problem impacting people and teams on a global level. In a matter of a few short weeks, the threat levels elevated to concern – to school closings, and now limited public gatherings and industry shutdowns. Every organization is facing big decisions that impact lives. It’s in these situations that healthcare workers face daunting decisions, fatigue from overwork, and growing concerns for the future. With new terms such as social distancing and work at home models, overnight, employers are forced to convert their leadership styles to keep people safe while staying productive.

As companies begin navigating new work from home policies and ensuring that their Associates stay engaged while working remotely, employers have to find a healthy balance of transparency, empathy, and communication to be effective leaders during this unique time. Working from home is not something that comes naturally to every Associate. By establishing a reliable cadence of information and implementing proactive behaviors, everyone involved in the organization’s workflow adjustment will benefit. Here are a few ways that Signature Performance has been navigating our teams through a season of disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Be Proactive About Prevention

The effects of COVID-19 hit the local and national news cycles at a fast and furious pace. With so much uncertainty surrounding an illness, everyone was trying to understand and adapt to this massive workforce disruption. One of the best ways our team found to tackle the rapid cycle of information was to be proactive about preventive measures. COVID-19 is something that our senior leadership is taking seriously, monitoring closely, and staying apprised of and acting upon recommendations from the CDC. Our utmost priority is the health and well-being of all our Associates while we continue to serve our valued clients in the healthcare industry.

Communication is Key

When it comes to navigating health events such as COVID-19, it’s crucial to ensure steps are being taken to not only be proactive, but also to communicate what is being done to prevent further spread or panic among people and teams. With news headlines changing throughout the day, clear and concise communication within your company is vital. By implementing an active voice and showing what steps your organization is taking to ensure continued performance has served Signature Performance well. That’s why we have made it an internal responsibility to share organizational updates about COVID-19 at least every Tuesday and Thursday to our Associates during this time of heightened concern. It’s a communication that aligns our actions and strengthens our resolve. 

Free Associates to Fully Engage at Work 

During this time, it is important for us to not only ensure that our Associates are getting the most factual information possible, but we also want to ensure that they are freed to fully engage and use their talents and strengths every day at work as things around them change, like working remotely. We have published a number of internal and external resources that will help guide our Associates over the next few weeks as they learn to navigate their to-do list from home. Some of the tips we have provided include, maintaining a regular morning routine, establishing a designated work space, taking scheduled breaks, set timers and following calendars to stay productive. By ensuring that our Associates have what they need in order to do their job effectively and efficiently, our team members can continue to feel connected to our mission of improving the health of our clients’ business and making the lives of those we work with better. 

At Signature Performance, our biggest asset is our Associates. Our Signature Way culture allows us to work as a united team from anywhere while we continue to serve our clients’ in the center of the healthcare industry with a unique comprehension of the largest problems both payers and providers face today. Follow along on our Facebook and Instagram pages to see how our Associates are continuing to make an impact during  the week.