As we strive to live our mission of improving the health of our clients’ business and making the lives of those we work with better, our team at Signature Performance understands that in order to do that, we need to positively impact healthcare by delivering stronger technology and solutions to the healthcare market. With that growth mindset in the forefront, Signature Performance welcomed Craig Mason to Signature Performance as the Chief Innovation Officer who is leading our Innovation Solution Center.

I visited with Craig to learn more about how his team plans to help Signature Performance navigate the question of what is possible in healthcare when we focus on innovative ways to make a meaningful impact in reducing healthcare administrative costs.

Stephanie Hyland: How do you lay the groundwork for effective innovation in an industry like healthcare?

Craig Mason: The care of someone’s health is never as predictable as we would like it to be. COVID-19 proved that. Innovation requires constant agility, curiosity, passion, research, and having the right information at your fingertips at the right time. Innovation in healthcare comes from capturing the best of what we have and the leaps need to fuse relevant information and add value to a person’s care while removing the burden of administrative efforts that do not result in better outcomes.

Craig Mason

SH: What are a few different benefits of innovation within healthcare?                           

CM: Healthcare is evolving into the consumer experience it deserves because of all the information that is now available. Patients can become more educated about themselves, the care that is available, and be a part of informed decision making around care plans. Information and consumer engagement can help people make more conscious decisions and habits to be healthier and avoid having to be admitted into a healthcare setting. Plus, we have realized care doesn’t have to occur within the four walls of a hospital setting to get great outcomes. You also see the catalyst from COVID-19 accelerating telehealth with video visits and patient-provider messaging that reduces the patient’s need to drive to a hospital or clinic to get care or answers to their questions.

SH: What can happen in an industry like healthcare that does not see constant innovation?

CM: The healthcare model can no longer sustain its transactional-based approach. Clinicians suffer from burnout with all of the information they have to document, the administrative efforts required to manage the care, and ensuring that patient care stays focused on reacting to the present symptom in front of them. Without innovation, it will continue to take more and more people at higher costs to get the same or worse outcomes on reactive care. Innovation is necessary for proactive care and to bring balance back to focusing on better outcomes.

SH: How does innovation impact the healthcare experience?

CM: COVID-19 really forced us all to push for what could be. Healthcare is in need of a consumer focus and better administrative support toward that experience. It is leading to automated scheduling on a patient portal website or app on a smartphone, video calls with clinicians, digital paperwork, and forms filled out ahead of time instead of as part of the sign-in process at the facility. Consumers are feeling the possibilities. Plus, there is immense power and possibility to the data that can be leveraged. Clinicians are getting more information and recommendations at their fingertips to make informed decisions leading to better outcomes and the ability to proactively treat a patient and the community. Administratively, more automation leads to exception-based work instead of having to process everything over and over, and this begins to impact the costs of healthcare.

SH: What innovation have you seen this past year that stuck out to you?

CM: The COVID-19 vaccine timeline was amazing! Vaccine development cycles that typically take years took only a few months. The backbone of that comes from leveraging previous experiences and the sheer volume of information out there that is being applied through machine learning, predictive analytics in the AI fields to help predict outcomes, side effects and more. The industry is leaning in on leveraging new technologies to make possibilities a reality faster.

SH: What kind of innovation do you hope to see or spearhead in 2021?

CM: Utilizing automation and advanced analytics in a way that has never been done before and reducing human intervention is where we start. At Signature Performance, we are focused on impacting administrative costs and efforts required to achieve positive outcomes in healthcare. Being able to ensure that every process is efficient, that information leads to insights, and people focused on value-added activities bringing real impact to the healthcare system is key.

SH: What will be your team’s big focus and how do you feel that will make an impact in 2021?

CM: The innovation and consulting teams are focused first and foremost on how to best align with each team at Signature Performance. We’re looking at how we can support their most pressing challenges and opportunities, and find ways to make it easier for them to achieve their next milestone. We are currently looking at building a process to track, review, and take action on all needs and opportunities for our clients and the healthcare industry. Doing this will allow us to organize, connect, and align strategies for future solutions and services that deliver uncommon results in the industry.

SH: What are you the most excited about in your role at Signature Performance?

CM: Innovation is a mindset and that focus today can really be the catalyst that creates the Signature Performance of tomorrow and our meaningful impact in healthcare. I am extremely excited to push the organization and its ideas into positively disrupting the healthcare industry through innovative solutions. There are so many amazing ideas and experiences at Signature Performance to draw and collaborate with everyone on in order to move the meter on administrative costs.

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