2020 will be a year to remember for a variety of reasons. Businesses of every size and families saw their fair share of ups, downs and the unexpected.  Even though it could have been easy to get bogged down and stressed due to the effects of COVID-19, this year presented a unique opportunity for innovation and for many to grow both professionally and personally. For most of the year, healthcare workers and administrators in both the commercial and federal level of healthcare were forced to navigate uncharted administrative challenges, medical conditions and treatment plans in order to not only provide care, but also operate in a manner that allowed that care to be available in the first place.

Here is a look back at 15 of our most impactful thought leadership posts that were published in 2020 on The LinkBy conducting in-depth research and highlighting our industry experts on The Link, as a reader, you can be sure that you are receiving the latest information in the ever-evolving industry of healthcare. Over the last year, our industry experts have enjoyed sharing healthcare administrative industry trends and information, showcasing our Associate’s achievements and celebrating company milestones. 

Why Payers Should Care About Provider Credentialing

During 2020, we reviewed the important role provider credentialing plays in the healthcare industry. Payers within the healthcare network play a critical role when it comes to reimbursing providers for services they administer and ensuring the safety of patients who are seeking medical care. At Signature Performance, we know that challenges can quickly arise when there are inaccuracies or missing information within provider credentialing documents.  

Why Provider Auditing is Important

To ensure providers can administer the best patient care possible, stay informed on payment guidelines, and protect their bottom line, they must avoid incorrect or incomplete medical documentation. Despite a lot of these errors being unintentional, we discussed in this article how providers can easily fall victim to liability complications and legal ramifications due to documentation errors or compliance oversights. 

Improving Patient Safety Can Lower Healthcare Administration Costs

Patient safety is a complex topic and one that has been talked about a lot during 2020. The process to improve care quality and perform the data analysis is continually evolving and requires access to both clinical and financial expertise. Healthcare organizations are in a constant state of implementing or evolving their current practices to ensure the protection of their patients from preventable medical errors, infections and/or 30-day readmissions. 

Understanding the Value of eOHI

This past year, many became very familiar with the terms of their insurance coverage. In this post, we discussed the ins and outs of eOHI. Having incomplete or inaccurate insurance information only adds additional stress to families who are already facing difficult medical events. In this post, we discussed how our eOHI solution supports the coordination of benefits between Medicare and other health insurance for payers and/or providers by creating an automated process to determine the beneficiary health insurance policy coverage, which greatly improves medical claims processing quality.

Signature Performance Wins Best Places to Work in Omaha

Signature Performance, Inc. was named a 2020 Best Places to Work in Omaha award recipient. This was the fifth time that Signature Performance has been honored with this coveted distinction. This award recognized Signature Performance’s commitment to cultivating Associate engagement and career satisfaction. 

Signature Performance Impacts Veterans Through the Mission Act

Like every year, our nation’s Veterans are at the forefront of our mind at Signature Performance. In this post, we covered how our team lives our mission by supporting the modernization efforts of VA and helping execute impactful legislation such as the Mission Act. The Mission Act, also known as the VA Maintaining Internal Systems and Strengthening Integrated Outside Networks Act. Passing the Mission Act was a huge step toward modernizing and expanding healthcare access like never before for Veterans across the country. 

Healthcare Administrative Burden is Causing Physician Burnout

Physician burnout has been a topic for many years. In this post we cover the physical and emotional toll that burnout continues to cause physicians who find themselves unable to stay connected to the initial reason they got into healthcare in the first place. This increasing disconnect is causing more and more physicians to leave the industry entirely. When physicians experience burnout, the safety of the patient and the mental well-being of the physician is ultimately at risk.

How COVID-19 is Affecting Providers and Payers

The COVID-19 outbreak placed an immense amount of stress on healthcare organizations of every size during 2020. In this post, we reviewed how hospitals and health systems navigated through the reduction in non-emergent services, the need for coders and coding auditors dropped off significantly, resulting in furloughs and layoffs and the impact payers faced.

Patient Experience to Evolve After COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak shifted the patient experience in a big way with the prioritizing of the virtual experience. In this post, we reviewed how the spread of COVID-19  impacted every aspect of how we have lived and maintained our daily routines. Our work schedules, education requirements and even weekly errands were all affected by the state-based guidelines, mandates and regulations.

6 Healthcare Innovations to Look for Due to COVID-19

With the quick onset of COVID-19, the healthcare industry had to become more innovative than ever to accommodate those who found themselves in need of treatment or testing. This uncharted territory forced providers and payers to pivot on how and where they provide the best care possible. In this post, we spoke with a number of our industry leaders at Signature Performance who have been keeping a close eye on how COVID-19 has not only shifted the healthcare industry’s approach, but also how innovation within the industry has affected treatment plans, access to care and the overall patient experience. 

Signature Performance Partners with TriWest

In 2020, TriWest Healthcare Alliance announced it is beginning healthcare delivery under the new Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Community Care Network (CCN) in the Region 4 territory, encompassing 13 western U.S. states. Signature Performance is providing Coordination of Benefits support services for TriWest under CCN.

What to Look for in a Revenue Cycle Management Partnership

With providers needing to pivot their priorities in 2020, we discussed what key components are necessary to ensure a good fit when organizations are in need of administrative support. Finding the right partner to support their administrative and revenue cycle management needs is crucial for continued performance, stable communication efforts, and being able to successfully navigate the ever-changing regulations of the healthcare industry successfully.  

How Charge Capture Can Affect Healthcare Costs

With every dollar being spent being carefully analyzed in 2020 for many providers, the topic of charge capture was important to review. In this post, we reviewed how charge capture plays an essential role within the compliance regulations of every hospital and healthcare system. Accurate charge capture practices can also benefit healthcare systems financially. When charge capture is not accurate, a hospital’s bottom line can suffer because overcharging can be just as damaging as undercharging for a medical service. 

COVID-19 Escalates Physician Burnout

Physician burnout rates were already at an all-time high before the pandemic, but increased dramatically during 2020. In this post, we reviewed how physicians and healthcare staff had to implement new protocols, coding and billing almost overnight to meet the needs of not only those who needed care, but also how they would be receiving their care, whether in-person or virtually and how that impacted their mental health and patient safety. 

How Can We Make the Biggest Impact in Healthcare in 2021?

Like many, our team at Signature Performance  is looking ahead to 2021. We are ready to hit the ground running to make the healthcare experience in the United States better. With the ever-changing regulations in the healthcare industry, especially during an ongoing global pandemic, we feel it is crucial to partner with an organization who makes it a priority to stay on top of the latest healthcare trends, talent drivers, and technologies.

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