Why do people hate Mondays? We’ve written songs about it, coined phrases about it, and over two million people have used #MondayBlues on Instagram. So, what is it about Mondays and why do we give this day such a bad rap?

It’s proven that job search websites see their highest traffic on Sunday nights. I don’t know about you but I have friends who dread beginning their work week. Whether its impersonal supervisors, unfulfilling work, no prospects for growth, or the feeling of being just a number, it can be hard to look forward to Monday.

Take it from me, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you love what you do, are passionate about your job and its mission, Monday mornings are something you look forward to. And that’s how the Associates at Signature Performance feel about the work we get to do each day – 92% of our team feels that their work positively impacts healthcare and 91% believe their work positively impacts clients.

At Signature, we love Mondays because it is the start of a week full of potential and opportunity – the beginning of a positive, long lasting experience. Each day our highly engaged team consistently lives our mission to improve the health of our clients’ business and make the lives of those we work with better.  Of course, this leads to success for all. It’s more than a job at our organization, it’s a calling with rich rewards.

Research shows that high Associate engagement is fundamentally linked to performance. Since our founding in 2004, Signature has continually embraced a mission-focused, values-driven approach to  service, making every day an opportunity to impact our industry. This energy powers our companies’ ability to attract, develop and retain top performers. Talent is our key resource. Signature Performance’s client metrics and feedback demonstrate the differentiating impact of an Associate focus.

“Companies with engaged employees outperform those without them by a whopping 202%” (Osman, 2018).

Do you want to find out how we achieve stellar results for our clients and our team -which equates to fabulous Mondays? Learn how we maximize performance and productivity consistently through a highly engaged workforce in our latest report. And, to find out more about life at Signature, and available career opportunities, check out our Careers page.