As the world navigates the ever-evolving effects of the Coronavirus, our team at Signature Performance has followed suit by continuing to ensure that our Associates and those we serve are having their needs met in a way that allows for goals to still be achieved, despite the hurdles this pandemic has constructed. Since the early onset of this novel virus, we have continually asked ourselves, how can we better serve our teams, community, and the healthcare industry during this uncertain time? Even though much has changed over the last seven months, one thing remains the same for Signature Performance. Leaving a lasting impact while lowering healthcare administrative costs is not only essential, one could argue it carries an importance like never before

This pandemic has given our teams the opportunity to flex our leadership skills, creativity, and natural strengths in unique ways. By coming together to strategize how we will break down barriers and provide solutions for the healthcare industry, not just during this pandemic but 365 days a year, not only leaves an impact on those we are directly serving, but also on the lives of our Associates. There is a lot of research that highlights prime examples of the importance of being connected and how doing good and serving others, in ways big or small, not only feels good, but also does us an immense amount good.

By prioritizing inclusion and embracing diversity in our company, our Associates are given the opportunity to be their best selves and achieve a higher performance by utilizing their natural strengths and talents. Signature recently signed the Commitment to Opportunity, Diversity and Equity (CODE) with the Omaha Chamber of Commerce. As an employer coalition member, we are committed to doing all that we can to support our community by providing sustainable growth opportunities in all areas of diversity, inclusivity, equity, and opportunity. 

When Associates can be present physically and mentally at work, it shows in their job performance. Honing in on our Associates’ strengths and their industry knowledge allows our clients to see a consistency with their success because our Associates are engaged and passionate about the work they are doing every day. With that passion, our clients are able to see first-hand an elevated performance in their business. This elevated performance results in new growth opportunities not just for a client’s business, but also for the Associate. When our Associates feel empowered, that drive, and enthusiasm finds its way to the client and our community.

Recently, Signature Performance, Inc. was named a 2020 Best Places to Work in Omaha award recipient. This is the fifth time that Signature Performance has been honored with this coveted distinction. This award recognizes Signature Performance’s commitment to cultivating Associate engagement and career satisfaction. In conjunction, our team was also named a 2020 Best for Vets Employer, a national award marking Signature’s debut in the rankings, put together by Military Times and Sightline Media. This award recognizes Signature Performance’s extensive commitment to creating vibrant employment opportunities for our nation’s Veterans.

Our team is incredibly honored and humbled by these acknowledgements. These awards are a genuine reflection of our commitment to the healthcare industry, our Associates, our community, and those who are in the armed forces.