Have you ever experienced a time when you felt you didn’t belong somewhere? Maybe you felt this way after you signed up for a new gym membership and discovered you didn’t know anyone, or you started a new job and realized that you were the only one of race or ethnicity in that office. Perhaps, you were at a meeting where decisions were happening only to notice that you were the only person of your self-identified gender. Or maybe you visited a foreign country and felt out of place. These are some examples that can leave one searching for some sense of connection or representation that reflects yourself—seeking a sense of belonging. Studies find that a sense of belonging in the workplace is associated with numerous beneficial business outcomes, whereas a broken sense of belonging increases the risk for psychological and physical dysfunction. But how do we create belonging in the workplace? The answer lies in the actions we take when diversity, equity, and inclusion come together. 

The Full Human Experience at Work

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are more than buzzwords, promises, and a means to heightened business results. Each element of DEI represents a different piece of the full human experience. Addressing only one or two of these falls short of maximizing true human potential, which leads to a true sense of belonging. Conversely, when action is taken that connects diversity, equity, and inclusion together, belonging is the result.

According to research by Coqual, a nonprofit think tank, a sense of belonging at work is rooted in four elements: being seen for your unique contributions, being connected to your co-workers, being supported in your daily work, and career development, and being proud of your organization’s values and purpose. Belonging speaks to the feeling an Associate has as a result of the organizational values being integrated into how business is done and the supporting DEI efforts in place at Signature.

At Signature, we believe belonging is a differentiator in the marketplace and one way to attract and retain the industry’s best. Belonging is a key driver of our high-performance culture and leads to uncommon careers. That’s why we are resolute in making belonging a key part of our Associate experience. As a member of Signature’s Experience Team, I have the honor of helping to build an Associate experience unlike anything before in the healthcare industry. From attracting diverse talent and throughout their entire career journey at Signature, we are focused on helping our Associates unlock the most meaningful career they have encountered. When people join our organization, we want them to grow personally and professionally, have a strong sense of belonging and have a place where they can advance forward in their careers with equity.

In addition to our Experience Team, we sponsor Associate Resource Groups (ARGs). ARGs are voluntary, Associate-led groups whose aim is to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with the organizations they serve. They also foster an opportunity for hands-on leadership development and project coordination. ARGs align and offer a chance for every Associate to be seen, heard, and felt prior to advancing their careers formally within Signature. Our ARGs are led by Associates who share a characteristic, whether it’s gender, ethnicity, affiliation, lifestyle, or interest. Allies are also encouraged to join the ARGs to support their colleagues. The groups exist to provide support and help in personal or career development and to create a brave space where employees can bring their whole selves to the table. Currently our ARGs focus on women, Veterans, LGBTQ+, health & well-being, and BIPOC.

At Signature, Belonging Means Showing Up as Your Whole Self

Belonging is the newest addition to much of the work being done in DEI. It is essential because it involves people being able to bring their whole selves to the office. Associates understand that their authentic self has tremendous value, both professionally and personally. And when Associates feel that their expertise and time are valued, they will gain an undeniable confidence within their position, which will be felt by our colleagues, clients, and partners. Our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, disability, and experience is forefront in our efforts to make Signature Performance the best place to work for our Associates. When you show up at Signature, show up as your whole self.

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