Welcome to the OSPAR Nomination form.

The OSPAR awards recognize associates who demonstrate our corporate values (passion, respect, courage, integrity) and deliver exceptional performance- performance on which they are proud to place their signature. We are pleased that one of our associates has exceeded your expectations.

There are 6 categories available to nominate our associates:

The Performance Award recognizes those individuals who go above and beyond their job descriptions in quality and/or quantity of their work. 

The Outstanding Service Award recognizes those who excel at serving others, either within the organization or our external clients. 

The Leadership Award recognizes that leaders exist at all levels of the organization. This award is intended for associates who, through their leadership, display passion, integrity, courage and respect. 

The Innovation Award recognizes those who impact Signature Performance/_____ through new services/product lines or improved tools/processes that increase productivity, efficiency, knowledge, etc. May be awarded based on either concept or exemplary execution. 

The Rising Star Award is for emerging associate whose work demonstrates exceptional growth, a fast start in making a valuable contribution to Signature Performance/_____. New associates hired within the past six to twelve months and performing well in their current role are eligible for the Rising Star recognition. 

The Teamwork Award is designated for work groups who, through collaborative efforts, have achieved amazing results. This Award can be awarded to teams of 2-20 people.