Patient Access Services

Proactive patient access solutions stop invalid denials before they happen, saving rework and improving your accounts receivable.

Comprehensive Patient Access Services

Many denials are caused by poor and incomplete insurance information. Outdated insurance, incorrect payer or group numbers, or “near match” patient information can all lead to your claims being denied. Signature Performance will verify all the information necessary to properly bill insurance. Any additional insurance will be identified, and validated, and that services requiring authorizations and referrals are properly managed and documented to keep your revenue cycle running smoothly. Our experience working with multiple billing processes and the latest technologies, allows us to optimize billing by customizing our approach to your systems. In addition, we update and educate patients throughout the process.
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Patient Appointing / Registration

Our extensive experience and patient-focused approach supports patients as they navigate through the Appointing and Registration process providing:

  • Timely processing of all authorizations for care
  • 100% compliance with Service Level requirements
  • 100% compliance processing Right of First Refusals (ROFR) within 24 hours

Pre-Certification / Pre-Authorization

When a patient requires specialized services, we gather all criteria for eligibility with the payer to set up and administer the initial point in the process. We’ll help you navigate through pre-certification/pre-authorization to help your patients get the care they need faster and you get paid more quickly.
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Coordination of Benefits

We work to verify and coordinate benefits when a patient is insured under multiple insurance plans, processing through the primary insurer and then, if needed, steps to facilitate through a secondary insurer. Coordinating these benefits minimizes confusion and ensures claims are not overpaid, while maintaining patient access to care.
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Referral Management

Unless well-coordinated, referrals can be frustrating or even cause safety issues for patients. Signature has built workflows and information systems to track and manage patient referrals utilizing a staff of highly trained experts. The connections we’ve developed with other providers and care organizations allow us to manage every step of the process for your system, including overall coordination of benefits, eligibility verification, patient coordination, and accurate documentation –all while ensuring proper authorizations are applied.

Insurance Discovery and Verification

We searched the industry for a more robust, accurate, and timely solution. When we couldn’t find one, we built it. Our insurance discovery and verification process queries multiple sources to produce accurate and complete insurance data including separate prescription policies. Take a deeper look at how we did it.
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Paperwork shouldn’t be the reason payment is delayed. We’ll help you clear the way with our Patient Access solutions.
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Paperwork shouldn’t be the reason payment is delayed. We’ll help you clear the way with our Patient Access solutions.

Let Signature focus on the administrative details, so you can focus on the care.

We’ll review your aging accounts receivables, identity and manage un-billed underpaid dollars and prioritize high dollar claims follow-up.

Call today to learn how.
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