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A Robust Compliance Program Delivers Peace of Mind to Clients, Partners, & Associates

Healthcare regulatory requirements are shifting rapidly in today’s complex world and organizations of every size must work to ensure that they are well positioned to operate within the changing dynamics, while also meeting the evolving needs of clients, partners, and cultivating leadership opportunities for Associates.

What Compliance Looks Like at Signature Performance

A critical area of compliance is in the formulation and maintenance of organizational policies and procedures along with training and access for all Associates. At Signature, we work to create the necessary infrastructure to support a myriad of areas requiring policies and procedures in support of federal, state, and local laws and regulations. This supports the identification of supply chain risks, such as sanctions and exclusions or security incident reporting, executing contractual agreements, anti-corruption, ethics, and records retention, as well as other areas specific to the healthcare industry in which we serve.

This allows our business operational areas to run smoothly and safeguards our Associates who are trained in compliance with requirements supporting our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. This empowers our Associates by helping them have the information to become fully empowered to do their best work every day. Auditing and monitoring our business processes highlights all that the organization is doing right, while helping us manage any gaps that need attention and allowing for Associate feedback. This allows Signature to seamlessly flex to every changing healthcare environment while best serving our client, partner, and Associate’s needs.

Supporting Client and Partner Experience

A comprehensive understanding of the market and operating within sound business practices delivers customer satisfaction and longevity. Compliance provides clients and partners with the necessary safeguards that Signature is operating under industry best practices and that customer concerns and questions are handled efficiently and expeditiously.

“Signature has very sophisticated customers who expect industry best practices to be utilized in our service delivery. We have had success in securing lucrative awards due to the attention we give to our security and compliance standards,” Steve Larson, Compliance Manager at Signature Performance, said. “Our clients possess important data and demand the highest integrity in our handling and securing of their data. On a daily basis we are examining our practices, roles, responsibilities, and measures in undertaking any data transference, retention, and destruction.”

Prioritizing Associate Engagement

In 2021, a Gallup survey reported that only 36% of Associates nationwide were classified as engaged at work and that organizations with highly engaged Associates show lower absenteeism, lower turnover, and higher overall productivity. According to a 2021 in-house survey, 82% of our workforce reported being highly engaged at work.

Our Associates are encouraged to take the initiative and become leaders within their positions to support each other and offer the greatest satisfaction to clients and partners through energized engagement. An organizational culture that drives a positive Associate engagement strategy guarantees that ethics are presented regularly to Associates to support discussion and establish our core values as commonplace. Through ethics training and co-sponsorship of local Ethics Council/Alliance events, Signature makes compliance its priority and shows that Associates are well supported in non-retaliatory reporting when a question arises.

Additionally, Associates are engaged upon hire in our cultural awareness and training which highlights our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. This supports our Associates in operating within business policies and procedures with greater confidence and encouragement to demonstrate their own commitment and dedication to clients and partners in their work performance. Compliance regularly shares various relevant examples with Associates. For example, in internal communications, through a podcast interview with Signature leadership, participation in our annual Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week, and specialized outreach to provide transparent communication with a business partner.

At Signature Performance, we believe that if our Associates are engaged and are having a premier work experience, their enthusiasm for their specific role and our overall mission at Signature will spill over into the experience that not only our clients and partners are having, but the brand advocacy comes so naturally that they are eager to tell their Signature story.

The Future of Compliance

Signature’s Corporate Compliance Team and program are direct reflections of our culture and foundational core values of courage, passion, integrity, and respect. Our compliance program is integrated with all of the compliance efforts within the organization with the management of regulations, security, and internal policies to assure Associate training and vendor oversight. This allows our team to have confidence that all departments are working in coordination to adhere to industry and contract standards, as well as promptly addressing any risk mitigation needs. A continuous improvement process has been established through regular and scheduled communications between the Corporate Compliance Committee and executive leadership.

Signature Performance is proud to house a strong corporate compliance program that offers our Associates, clients, and partners an unwavering commitment and engagement with the corporate values we hold true. As compliance continues to be an essential element in business operations and in service or product delivery, Signature pledges to keep our compliance program strong and visible within the organization. It is our goal that compliance will continue to serve our Associates, clients, and partners in a comprehensive way that recognizes the complex requirements, transformational environment, and spirit of serving others in the Signature Way.

To learn more about Signature Performance, contact our team today or check out our career page for a list of our latest career opportunities.


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