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Intrapreneurship - It's the Signature Way

At Signature Performance, we have a manifesto entitled, The Signature Way. Containing eight guiding principles, the Signature Way is a commitment all Signature leaders simply must do. It's our pledge to deliver the highest performance to our clients, partners, allies, and colleagues. Embodying an ownership mentality is one of the pervasive principles at Signature.

Acting like an owner means you are mission-driven, goal-orientated, strategic, honest, loyal, and service-focused. It means you treat Signature's dollar like it is your own. It inspires performance in myself and others. Another way to look at this principle is through the eyes of intrapreneurship.

Intrapreneurship - What Is It?

The co-authors of Black Faces in High Places, Dr. Randal D. Pinkett and Dr. Jeffrey A. Robinson, define intrapreneurship as using your inside VOICE, which stands for Vision, Opportunity, Innovation, Capital and Entrepreneurial networks. They offer this as a set of 10 strategic actions for Black professionals, but their wisdom offers a universal truth for all people. Thinking like an intrapreneur allows one to embody the abilities and mindset of an entrepreneur within organizations, leading to greater success and achievement. What is natural for Signature Associates living the Signature Way is now being recommended as a winning strategy by some of the brightest minds in the industry.

The Business Benefits of Intrapreneurship

A culture that encourages an owner mindset also creates the psychological safety needed for innovation to thrive. This innovation has allowed Signature to improve the health of our clients’ businesses. Our ClaimsXM program earned the 2022 Cognizant Innovation Award for breakthroughs in efficient claims processing, the 2022 G2Xchange Disruptive Tech Award and the 2022 FedHealth IT Innovation Award. Signature has also been named to the Best Places to Work in Omaha list six times.

Intrapreneurship Leads to Belonging to the Team

According to researchers, the top four reasons people feel a sense of belonging in the workplace are being seen, connected, supported, and proud of the organization they work for. When Associates adopt an ownership mentality through intrapreneurship, all four elements are engaged. Associates are:

  • Seen as a team player, seen for their unique contributions and innovative ideas.

  • Connected to other Associates with an intrapreneurial spirit and can build synergy to drive uncommon results.

  • Supported by being given the psychological safety to bring their whole selves to work.

  • Proud of the organization they work for and its mission, vision and values.

Intrapreneurship or ownership mentality is a hallmark of the Signature Way. And big missions in essential industries like healthcare require us to be our best. At Signature Performance, we will continue to employ and empower the best and brightest minds in healthcare to take on the many challenges in our nation’s healthcare system.

Want to join our team? Contact us today to learn more about Signature Performance, or check out our career page for a list of our latest career opportunities.


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