Revenue Cycle Management

At Signature Performance, our goal is to make sure your claims billing and collections supports your mission of providing quality patient care while accomplishing effective revenue management.

Partners in Your Success

We’re more than a vendor, we’re your partner.

A partner who knows the front, middle and back end of Revenue Cycle to assist and optimize your financial outcomes.

A partner who listens to your concerns and tailors our services to meet your goals, whether you’re looking to outsource one service or your full revenue cycle.

A partner who expertly codes medical records, understands coding auditing and clinical documentation improvement making sure you’re compliant.

A partner who works within your existing systems and configures them for faster and cleaner claims processing or keeps your revenue flowing when you implement new systems.

One Partner for Your Complete Revenue Cycle

Whether you need help with one aspect of your revenue cycle or many, we will customize a solution that optimizes your system to meet current and adapt to future operational needs. We work with you to provide continuous analysis and ongoing improvement, integrating the most innovative technologies and systems to create efficiencies.
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Patient Access

Ensuring that your patients’ insurance is identified, and their referrals and authorizations are processed correctly is the start of a healthy revenue cycle.
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Health Information Management

Leads efforts to ensure the availability, accuracy, integrity, and security of all data related to patient healthcare encounters. This results in better clinical and business decisions that enhance healthcare quality.
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Billing & Claims Management

Your solution for prompt and accurate accounts receivable (A/R) to bring in cash flow and support operations.
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Insurance Resolution

Ensuring third party collections payments are accurate and follow payer rules which will reduce or eliminate denials.
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Revenue Integrity

Clean claims lead to faster processing, fewer denials and increased recovery.

Revenue Cycle Assessment

How do you know we’ll be a good fit? Start with a Revenue Cycle Assessment. We’ll come to your facility and meet with you and your staff to review your current process and systems firsthand. Our extensive evaluation will help us identify what you’re doing well and where we can make a difference. If we don’t think we can make a positive impact on your revenue cycle, we’ll let you know. We never recommend services you don’t need. There’s no better time than now to improve your outcomes.
Contact us to schedule your Revenue Cycle Assessment.
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