Accurate insurance data  can make the difference between a facility surviving and thriving.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management

Your healthcare facility is focused on delivering excellent care to patients, but complex revenue cycle issues draw your precious time and resources.

Signature Performance provides an intelligent suite of revenue cycle management services to help your business office do more. Equipped to manage your entire cycle or select segments, our comprehensive abilities enable your facility to reallocate resources, recover more revenue, and boost patient and staff satisfaction.

Centralized Business Office. Signature has the expertise to support any and all of your revenue cycle functions.
Health Information Management. Leads efforts to ensure the availability, accuracy, integrity, and security of all data related to patient healthcare encounters. This results in better clinical and business decisions that enhance healthcare quality.
Access Management. Ensuring that your patients insurance is identified and their referrals and authorizations and processed correctly is the start of a healthy revenue cycle.
Revenue Integrity. Clean claims lead to intelligent action and increased recovery.
Claims Processing. Your healthcare facility solution for prompt and accurate accounts receivable (A/R) to bring in cash flow and support operations.
Payment Resolution. Your patients deserve respect and high-quality care after their visit too. The healing process is not complete until the last bill is paid.

Centralized Business Office Solutions

Hospitals, private health centers, and clinics of all kinds rely on steady revenue streams to continue delivering care. But many facilities handle revenue management across several departments, leading to confusion, stumbling blocks, and financial instability.

Signature Performance solves that by handling all centralized business office (CBO) responsibilities on a holistic level. From processing accounts receivable to coding, staffing, contracting, and administration, our expert team is equipped to manage all your CBO needs.

Make the most of our strong, long-term relationships with payers, providers, and strategic partners across the country. With decades of experience, we're able to make an immediate impact on your facility, helping you improve performance, speed revenue cycles, decrease costs, and increase patient satisfaction.

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