Revenue Integrity

After the encounter is coded correctly and the claim is submitted correctly, you need to know the claim will be paid correctly as well. Our Signature Performance team of revenue integrity experts will review your accounts and work with you and your payers to optimize your revenue cycle using the latest innovations and systems.
We won’t stop until we’re sure you’ve been paid properly. Through a series of reviews, we will determine the status of each account and correct identified errors. We’ll review your aging accounts receivables, identity and manage un-billed dollars and prioritize high dollar claims follow-up. We are proactive in identifying then preventing recurring issues in processes and procedures, which leads to increased revenue and improved compliance.

How Can Signature Performance Help You?

In addition to optimizing your medical coding and claims processing functions, we assure your revenue integrity through:

Contract Monitoring

Contracts and regulations for claims processing are not always applied correctly, especially when systems or processes change for you or your payers. Our team makes sure the guidelines are clear and that they are followed so your bills are paid faster and more accurately.
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Underpayment Management

You’ve received payment, but did you recover all you should have from the insurance company? Using contract management system to review payments against your contracts and policies, we’ll help you determine what the payer owes and work with the payer to collect the correct balance.
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Credit Balance Auditing

Credit or negative balances raise questions.Did the payer overpay? Did the patient overpay? Did the payment get allocated to the wrong account? Did an adjustment get applied in error? We’ll look at every potential issue to find the root cause and make corrections, so your accounts are current, correct and in compliance.

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Physicians Credentialing

We work with most medical specialties and assist with enrollment in all insurance networks such as, Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance.

Initial Credentialing Services:

  • Completion of Government Plans applications
  • Completion of third party payers/managed care plans credentialing applications
  • Completion of on-going data currently requested/backlog

Ongoing Credentialing Services:

  • Managing and monitoring the accuracy of your data: Personal Information, Schooling, Licensures, Office information, Hospital Privileges, References, and Provider Numbers
  • Maintaining your Council for Affordable Quality Health (CAQH) information quarterly
  • Maintaining physician & group’s provider enrollment information is current and accurate
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Payer Relations

Accurate payments take vigilance. We’ll watch your bottom line to make sure you’re paid fairly and in a timely manner.

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Accurate payments take vigilance. We’ll watch your bottom line to make sure you’re paid fairly and in a timely manner.

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