Omaha, NE –  Signature Performance, Inc. (SPI) announces that it was awarded a GSA/FAS schedule contract for Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 for its technology equipment, software and services under IT Professional Services SIN 132-51 and Health IT Services SIN132-56. This five-year contract (47QSWA18D008J) provides Signature Performance additional opportunities to partner with U.S. government agencies who are in need of healthcare technology solutions.

“Signature Performance is excited to offer easier ways for the public-sector market to find and purchase our Healthcare IT solutions with this award,” said Sheila Waring, Chief Business Development Officer of SPI. “We are eager to offer our services to help government agencies enhance their program management operations and improve the way they do business.”

About Signature Performance, Inc.
Signature Performance, Inc. is an Omaha-based business processing organization (BPO) serving the healthcare industry. Their services include technology and BPO execution in the areas of Revenue Cycle, Health Information Management, and Claims Processing and Adjudication for providers and payers. Through a combination of expertise, talent, tools, and technology SPI enables clients to experience premiere value that maximizes resources and drives optimal financial and compliance metrics through improved processes and execution strategies. Since its formation in 2004, SPI has served public, community, and private sector healthcare organizations ranging from large national enterprises to regional and community-based organizations.