Each year Signature Performance recognizes achievement through its Outstanding Signature Performance Associate Recognition Program, better known as the OSPAR awards. Last week, Signature honored its 2018 OSPAR recipients, celebrating the work they are doing to “improve the health of our clients’ business and making the lives of the people we work with better.”

Nominated by peers, supervisors, and clients, each nomination was reviewed and evaluated based on outstanding performance in the following areas: quality of work, quantity of work, embodiment of our core values, and making a Signature Impact. The OSPAR program provides well-deserved recognition to associates who embody the core values of the organization- Respect, Courage, Passion, and Integrity.

Award categories recognize innovation, leadership, performance, teamwork, and rising star performance (for associates with 6-12 months service), as well as those making a contribution to the Signature Performance Presidents’ Club.

Following are the 2018 OSPAR winners:

  • Carolyn Peterson – Innovation
  • Todd Carroll – Leadership
  • Jessica McDaniel – Leadership
  • Alyssa Miller – Performance
  • Ginny Lockard – SPPC Excellence Award
  • John Scheneman – SPPC Excellence Award
  • Daphne Freese – SPPC Excellence Award
  • Nick Miller – SPPC Excellence Award
  • Dawn Wierzbicki – SPPC Excellence Award
  • Milena Barone – Rising Star
  • Jordan Edison – Rising Star
  • Brian Schwetschenau – Rising Star
  • Teamwork Allen Fredrickson, Melissa Helm, Ashlee Johnson, Josh Klein, Kelly McIntosh, Marcie Swanson, Michelle Swertzic, Sheila Waring, Jesse Weisbrod, and Dawn Wierzbicki

Nominations are accepted year-round to acknowledge associates for their hard work and their successful mission to improve the health of our clients’ business and make the lives of the people we work with better. Annual winners are chosen from the pool of those recognized quarterly throughout the year.

Nominations are currently open for the Q2 2019 OSPAR awards. To nominate an associate that exemplifies Signature’s traits, please complete the nomination form.