Do you get to do what you do best every day?

According to Gallup, only 25% of employees have the opportunity to do what they do best daily. The key to success, fulfillment and performance is to be aware of your natural patterns of thinking feeling and behaving.  By focusing on your natural talents, they can be turned into strengths and leveraged daily for better performance outcomes and enjoyment.

At Signature Performance we find great value in our unique differences and power in our strengths. We’ve seen that Associate engagement, and as a result, organizational performance, are both maximized as we focus on individual talents. Associates win, Signature Performance wins and clients benefit.

While so many people work to improve on weaknesses, focusing on our strengths is much more impactful. Managing your weaknesses can be fruitful but overly fixating on them is not. Success comes from building on what’s right in others. Associates are more energized and achieve higher levels of success by focusing on and using their natural talents, especially in collaboration with others doing the same.

What makes working in a strengths-based culture different? Gallup found that employees that focus on using their strengths are more likely to:

  • Report having an excellent quality of life (by three times)
  • Be more engaged in their jobs (by six times)
  • Look forward to going to work
  • Have more positive coworker interactions
  • Treat customers better
  • Tell friends they work for a great company
  • Achieve more daily
  • Have more positive, creative and innovative moments

Our culture at Signature Performance focuses on what’s positive and strong in individuals. We strive to be an organization where natural talents are made clear and leveraged every day at work. Team success looks like a group of individuals providing their specific strengths to realize individual and team excellence. When you empower individuals to contribute to an organizational mission and vision by being their most authentic selves, a team is capable of reaching new heights together, and to grow as individuals.

Our internal engagement and performance measurements prove that our strengths-based culture is having a positive impact on our associate and client experience.

  • Current voluntary attrition is below 3.5%
  • Our Associates overwhelmingly love their Monday’s
  • Performance-based attrition is projected at less than 1% in 2019
  • Of 1,862 Q1 applicants 762 were associate referrals
  • Current associate net promoter score (aNPS) is a whopping 70

Simply talking the talk about strengths doesn’t do much, but tactically implementing this concept reaps many benefits for Associates, clients and the organization overall. After hiring, each of our Associates takes the Clifton Strengths-Finder Assessment to identify their top five Strengths. Following the assessment, each Associate has an initial coaching session to walk through the results and discuss what each strength demonstrates. In addition, they may attend strengths-based courses that allow them to work through strategies of how to proactively lean into these strengths and do what they do best naturally. Strengths coaching at Signature encourages the application of unique talents to performance.

Throughout their career at Signature Performance, Associates continue to be developed and trained based on their strengths. The success our approach has delivered keeps Associates engaged and satisfied in their roles and achieving results for our clients and the organization. This approach is instrumental in helping Signature Performance attract and retain the industries most talented performers.

If you’d like to find out more about our unique approach visit our Careers site.