When it comes to outsourcing for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services, there are a number of considerations that ensure a strong and vibrant partnership. Of course, you want to be sure that the partnership can provide a promising return on investment year after year, but it’s important not to overlook the human aspects of what makes a successful partnership thrive. Finding the right partner to support your administrative and revenue cycle management needs is crucial for continued performance, stable communication efforts, and being able to successfully navigate the ever-changing regulations of the healthcare industry successfully together. Here are a few areas that are important to consider when selecting the perfect partnership for your hospital system or facility.  

Wide Range of Expertise

When it comes to working with an RCM partner, you want to ensure that they not only have measurable expertise in the RCM industry, but that they also know how to evaluate and pivot among different areas of the business when necessary. At Signature Performance, our 15 years of experience spans the payer, provider, federal and commercial healthcare sectors. Our industry experts’ unmatched experience allows our team the opportunity to evaluate some of the largest obstacles within the industry from a variety of perspectives and create custom solutions with a thoughtful approach that drives optimal success. At Signature Performance, we continually seek to improve and streamline the healthcare revenue cycle by taking advantage of state of the art systems and developing new processes.

Customer and Associate Experience 

The Associate experience is so important to us at Signature Performance that we have a team dedicated to it. We believe the focus on the Associate experience is key because when our team feels empowered and is given the opportunity to use their strengths, the client and their business benefits greatly. Signature Performance has received the Best Places to Work Award five different times and we believe it is a testament to our efforts. These awards recognize our team’s commitment to cultivating Associate engagement and career satisfaction. Our dedication to hiring the best talent and investing in technology that will streamline and improve processes in a way that has never been done before is just one example why our mission attracts the best within the healthcare industry. 

Driven by Our Mission

When Signature Performance’s mission was crafted more than 15 years ago, it was with the intent that what you do for a living is much more than just going to an office and going through the motions till 5 p.m. Our team has believed since our inception that your career can be a fulfilling calling that is full of meaning and makes a difference everyday. Since the healthcare industry touches everyone in some way during their lifetime, our team takes our values of courage, passion, integrity and respect, seriously. We approach each relationship with every partner and client in a way that we can together make a lasting impact in healthcare so the industry and those who rely on it can benefit and get the care they deserve. 

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