A major factor in maintaining patient records and obtaining proper insurance reimbursement is medical coding.  When a claim is coded accurately, it lets the insurance payer know the particular illness or injury and the method of treatment that is necessary.  While this may be an oversimplified explanation, it does an excellent job of stressing the vital importance of accuracy when coding.  This is why Signature has built Omaha’s first Medical Coding Center of Excellence.  Signature knows that accuracy in coding is the best way we can improve the health of our clients’ business and make the lives of those we work with better.

Seven Reasons Why Coding Accuracy Matters to Signature Performance:

  1. At Signature, the patient is the number one reason coding accuracy matters.  We want to make sure we are telling an accurate story of the patient with codes.  We never want to code something inaccurate as it might affect their healthcare, insurance, and payments.   On the other hand, when we code accurately, we tell a story of the reasons the patient is seeking medical treatment.
  2. At Signature coding accuracy is the right thing to do.  We must follow coding guidelines, rules, and regulations and hold ourselves accountable, be open to feedback, and continually improve our skill sets.  Accuracy and continuous improvement are the mission of Signature’s Coding Center of Excellence.
  3. At Signature we know codes help support medical necessity.  Medical necessity is essential for payment and pre-certification of services.
  4. At Signature diagnosis specificity will have a positive impact on patient care.
  5. At Signature coding accuracy is the most important facet of billing.  Accurate coding (and documentation) will provide more accurate payments, prevent denials and delays in payment.
  6. At Signature, our coding accuracy enhances clinical, financial and administrative planning for performance monitoring through coded data.
  7. At Signature accurate coding provides quality data for research and public health.

As you can see, at Signature Performance we take accuracy seriously.  While industry best practices tell us our coding accuracy goal is 95% – We believe it should be higher.  To accomplish this, we rely on each of our highly-trained and experienced coders to apply their vast industry knowledge, coding skillsets, logic, and adhere to coding guidelines – We believe our coders make the critical difference in the patient’s experience.  When a patient’s healthcare journey is smooth, and trust is built, it leads to a superior billing process for our clients.

Why the investment in Signature’s Coding Center of Excellence?  Because a robust auditing team reviews what has been coded and provides timely feedback that makes the difference between good and great coding.  By constantly learning and applying what we learn from specific audit feedback, our teams move forward helping our clients to reap the rewards of great patient care.

An accurate and motivated coding professional is an impact player in the healthcare industry.  At Signature, we are building towards the future with coding professionals filled with potential and properly support for optimum success.