The industry of healthcare is constantly in a state of evolution with administrative demands that change frequently. Those demands can be daunting and usually need to be met with an innovative approach and an expertise that is well-rounded. Cross-training is an essential aspect to the healthcare industry. No matter what role you play, being a “go-to” person in an industry like this and having the ability to pivot between current and incoming responsibilities is imperative. Healthcare is an industry that impacts everyone’s life, so everyone’s role matters. At Signature Performance, we want to make a lasting impact in the healthcare industry and we know first-hand that our Associates are the key to our success. By prioritizing cross-training opportunities for our Associates, we can ensure that our clients’ needs are not only being met, they are being exceeded, and our Associates are growing professionally and personally.   

Signature Performance Prioritizes Professional Development

The importance of cross-training stems further than an Associate being able to take on a task if a member of the team is unavailable. Cross-training not only enhances the skill level among Associates and increases efficiency, but it also provides a foundation for interpersonal collaboration among teams. Cross-training provides the opportunity for team members to become flexible when responsibilities need to be filled outside of their primary role. That kind of agility when more hands are needed in order to assist an existing or incoming client is immensely valuable and is what sets Signature Performance apart from others in the industry. 

Prioritizing continuous learning and professional development is key to remaining competitive in an industry like healthcare. Taking advantage of prime opportunities inside and outside the organization to expand our skill set allows our team to build the momentum needed to leave a lasting impact in the healthcare industry. One way our Associates take their knowledge of the healthcare industry to the next level is by earning their Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR) credentialing. This specific kind of training offers valuable insight into the industry. This certification is universally recognized and is an indicator of the value and expertise our Associates can provide our current and incoming clients.

When Signature Performance’s mission was originally crafted, it was with the intent that what you do for a living is much more than just going to an office and going through the motions till 5 p.m. Our team at Signature Performance believes that your career can be a fulfilling calling that is full of meaning and makes a difference every single day. Since the healthcare industry touches everyone in some way during their lifetime, our team takes our values of courage, passion, integrity and respect, seriously. We are committed to cultivating a highly engaged company culture that enhances the overall well-being of every Associate. When Signature Performance Associates have a well rounded knowledge of different procedures and tasks that revolve around the ever-changing demands of the healthcare system, the client and Associate both benefit. The client can be sure that they are receiving the most current industry-based expertise and the latest industry regulations and compliance needs are being met. The success they see from those interactions are a direct reflection of a well informed and trained Associate. The Associate not only is able to assist in a variety of ways at work and build their skill set, but their confidence, motivation and overall engagement with the work they are doing every day is undeniable. 

We believe the healthcare industry in the United States deserves only the best, and that sentiment is what motivates our dedicated team to do our very best each and every day. It’s our calling to bend the cost of healthcare administration by improving the overall quality and experience while minimizing resources and cost. To learn more about Signature Performance and our mission, contact our team today or follow along on our Facebook and Instagram pages.