With the healthcare industry always evolving, healthcare organizations are having to constantly assess how their approach is benefiting the industry and serving those who are in need of support. Ensuring that the latest healthcare trends match with the existing needs, talent and technology can have a significant impact not just for the organization, but also for the providers who are on the frontlines and patients who are receiving care. With the constantly changing regulations, codes and the implementation of value-based care, revenue cycle management continues to be a complex industry to navigate. 

At Signature Performance, every day we are called to our mission to improve the health of our clients’ business and make the lives of the people we work with better. As a healthcare organization, we are on the frontlines serving our people, oftentimes when they are experiencing some of the most vulnerable moments in their lives. Our mission is not taken lightly, especially in unprecedented times like these. To keep an edge in the fight to lower healthcare administrative costs, our team is committed to becoming business leaders, who not only know our roles, but also know the healthcare industry, and to keep learning more, honing our skills through continuous education and hard work as the business of healthcare continues to change. 

Here are a few areas that our team members at Signature Performance hone in on to ensure that we are always on the forefront of the ever-evolving healthcare industry and showing up as the best version of ourselves, both professionally and personally.

Being A “Go-To” Person

Being a “go-to” person is something we often hear around our office and see enshrined as the very first principle in our Signature Way approach. Our Associates are offered numerous opportunities to learn how to best perform in our roles and become that “go-to” person every day. Whether it’s taking a class through our in-house university, our 1:1 strengths-based coaching or our Emerging Leaders program, each Associate can find support in how they can best utilize their talents and make an impact every day at work and at home.

Be You, But Know Your Stuff

One way our Associates take their knowledge of the healthcare industry to the next level is by earning their Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR) credentialing. This training offers unmatched insight into the healthcare industry. This certification is universally recognized in the healthcare industry as a mark of competency and is a powerful indicator of the value our Associates can provide our clients as revenue cycle experts. The best part is that Signature’s tuition reimbursement benefit can be applied to the cost of the program when Associates successfully pass the exam.

Why These Opportunities Are Important

Cultivating a strong appetite for continuous learning and development is key to remaining relevant in an industry in upheaval. Taking advantage of opportunities inside and outside the organization to expand our knowledge and abilities prepares our team to take the next step in our roles and build momentum to help us maximize our impact in the healthcare industry.

Signature Encourages Growth Professionally and Personally

We believe that these hands-on learning opportunities are the best way for our Associates to lean into and navigate their strengths so they can achieve more than they ever thought was possible. When we combine a premier work experience with boundless enthusiasm for engagement, our Associate and client expectations are not just met, they are consistently exceeded. Prioritizing inclusion, diversity and implementing a methodology that has allowed Signature to not only be known as a go-to expert within the industry, our Associates are given the opportunity to be their best self and achieve a higher performance.

Do you want to make an impact? Join the Signature Performance team today! Contact us to learn more about the Signature vision and how you can get involved.