Think about the last time you interacted with your favorite brand or placed an order from a store you have purchased from in the past. Have you ever put much thought into why you keep coming back to that particular brand or service? Chances are you have had a great client experience that makes you feel connected to this specific brand.

At Signature Performance, we believe that if our Associate’s are engaged and are having a premier work experience unlike anything the healthcare industry has ever seen, their enthusiasm for their specific role and our overall mission at Signature will spill over into the experience that our clients are having while interacting with our brand and the services we provide. Companies with engaged employees pull in 2.5x more revenues compared to competitors with low engagement levels. Our focus on people and living our Signature values of passion, integrity, courage and respect has allowed our team to contribute to lowering the rising cost of administrative fees in healthcare while providing a work experience that is full of purpose and meaning.

The Client Experience is a Product of Associate Experience

The Associate experience is so important to us at Signature Performance that we found it essential to assemble a specialized team that was dedicated to just that. The different members of our experience team are helping to positively impact the Associate experience while being charged with communicating and living the value propositions of Signature. We do this by using the Associates’ and clients’ language, interacting with the marketplace through a variety of avenues such as our social media platforms, internal communications, thought leadership, and our company blog; The Link.

Our experience team is also assisting in establishing the necessary processes to track and monitor experience and operations data so that we may integrate our communication channels to ensure a smooth flow of usable information between Signature and the healthcare industry. We do all of this so we can attract and retain the best talent in the healthcare industry. Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies than their less engaged counterparts.

How Signature Performance Embraces Associate Experience

As a team, we value each other’s differences as much as similarities and strive to encourage growth both professionally and personally. Whether it’s taking a class through our in-house university, our 1:1 strengths-based coaching or our Emerging Leaders program, each Associate can find support in how they can best utilize their talents and make an impact everyday at work and at home. We believe that these hands-on learning opportunities are the best way for our Associates to lean into and navigate their strengths so they can achieve more than they ever thought was possible.

When we combine a premier work experience with boundless enthusiasm for engagement, our Associate and client expectations are not just met, they are consistently exceeded. Prioritizing inclusion, diversity and implementing a methodology that has allowed Signature to not only be known as a go-to expert within the industry, our Associates are given the opportunity to be their best self and achieve a higher performance.

Do you want to make an impact? Join the Signature Performance team today! Contact us to learn more about the Signature vision and how you can get involved.