Fostering leadership skills and celebrating individual strengths is just one of the many things Signature Performance and the Business Ethics Alliance have in common. For the last few years, our team has partnered with this local non-profit to ensure that Omaha continues to be a bedrock for professionals and career advancement that is built on a foundation of integrity. It’s imperative to the healthcare industry that solid business ethics and performance is the leading edge of healthcare.  Our CEO/President, Allen Fredrickson, believes so strongly in the mission of the Business Ethics Alliance that he is currently a sitting board member.

The Business Ethics Alliance® Emerging Leaders strive to do something no Young Professional group in Greater Omaha has done before. We aspire to train the next generations in the importance of ethics from the moment they enter their professional careers. We aim to bridge the gap between executives and young professionals. We seek to foster relationships between mentors and mentees to further our training and knowledge. 

Much like the Business Ethics Alliance, we understand the value of people and cultivating the unique skills they bring to the workplace to help them be leaders in their field. At Signature, we work diligently to provide our Associates with opportunities that promote professional and personal growth. As a service organization, honing in on our Associate’s natural talents and conducting business with our company values of passion, integrity, courage and respect always in the forefront of our minds has been a key component to our success and the success of our clients for the last 15 years.

At Signature Performance, our team is solving one of the biggest problems facing the healthcare administration industry. We are working to redefine the healthcare administration industry by reducing system complexities, improving overall quality and building a foundation of trust. We are dedicated to making a lasting impact in the nexus of healthcare by inhabiting the payer, provider, federal and community sectors. Our unmatched experience allows our team the opportunity to evaluate industry issues from a variety of perspectives and create custom solutions that get to the core of the problem.

Signature Performance Values Our Associates

Whether it’s taking a class through our in-house university, strengths-based coaching or taking advantage of our in-house navigator and well-being benefits, each Associate can find support in how they can best utilize their talents and make an impact everyday at work and at home. We believe that these hands-on learning opportunities are the best way for our Associates to lean into and navigate their strengths so they can achieve more than they ever thought was possible in their career and personal life.

Signature’s focus on people and living our Signature values has allowed our teams to contribute to lowering the rising cost of administrative fees in healthcare while providing a work experience that is full of meaning. We have found that when the focus is on talent, it drives stronger referral rates, retention rates, rising performance levels and increased levels of measured job satisfaction.

Signature Performance Serves the Healthcare Industry

There’s a reason we have performance in our name. We believe the healthcare industry deserves only the best. And that sentiment is what motivates our dedicated team to do our very best each and every day. Our unmatched experience on both the payer and provider side of the business allows our team the opportunity to evaluate industry issues from a variety of perspectives and create custom solutions that get to the core of the problem.

To learn more about how Signature Performance can help you, contact our team today or follow along on our Facebook and Instagram pages to learn more about Signature Performance’s vision.