Christa Williams, Vice President of Consulting Services at Signature Performance, recently received the 2019 Leading for Impact, Women in Leadership Award. This award recognizes women who create impact leading organizations and mission-focused strategic programs across the federal technology, health and the consulting community.  

Williams’ vast technical expertise of patient accounting and claims processing, as well as her knowledge of MHS business practices has been instrumental in leading the Department of Defense’s (DoD) revenue cycle expansion project within MHS GENESIS. She is a primary subject matter expert for all healthcare revenue cycle workflows, system functionality, and change management/adoption needs. Her expertise has been invaluable in taking functional requirements and translating them into electronic health record configuration, improving workflow and enabling business standardization and efficiencies that drive improvement in healthcare experiences for clinicians, support staff, and most importantly beneficiaries.

“I am honored and humbled that the impact of my career was recognized and celebrated by FedHealthIT. Honestly, standing on a stage to be acknowledged with the caliber of talented careers and Lifetime Achievement Awardees Senator Elizabeth Dole and Admiral Bono, I just don’t have words for,” Williams said. “To receive this second Annual Impact award at the Women’s Memorial in Arlington Cemetery with 37 other incredibly talented women is something that I will cherish and hold tight to my heart for many years to come.”

Christa Williams

Williams has dedicated her career to optimizing the federal healthcare system and creating financial practice efficiencies to benefit our citizens. As a visionary and active leader at Signature Performance, Williams has spearheaded revenue cycle innovation and positive change within federal healthcare IT over the past 20 years. 

“The last 20+ years of my career have been dedicated to improving the healthcare experience for active and retired military members and their families,” Williams said. “I have had the joy and privilege to walk side by side with so many people at Signature Performance over the years. People who have helped me grow and people who I have helped grow. I’ve always thought that we are part of a big puzzle. The puzzle will change, be shaped different, be more or less pieces and most certainly will change in complexity, but each of us are always the unique piece that will complete the puzzle.”

The DoD has evolved its healthcare business practices because of Williams’ input, suggestions and ability to connect all the complicated intersections of change. She works through complex cybersecurity, interoperability, regulatory, and data management challenges to deliver a solution that provides a seamless intuitive workflow, despite the monumental challenges being worked through behind the scenes. Williams deeply understands DoD needs and has used EHR transformation programs as a catalyst to shape future direction. 

“This is such a well-deserved honor for Christa. Her impact within the Federal and Private healthcare sectors, as well as at Signature has been pivotal. Having worked with Christa for over 20 years, I have witnessed her transform health information and technology across a number of vital initiatives, impacting care for millions as well as improving the financial health of every organization she has touched. I’m especially proud of the impact that Signature and our Associates, like Christa, have had on the industry” Allen Fredrickson, President and CEO of Signature Performance, said. 

Sheila Waring, Chief Business Development Officer at Signature Performance says, “This is such a well-deserved honor for Christa who has been instrumental in improving key outcomes for Signature and our Federal clients. For nearly two decades Christa has been dedicated to developing and streamlining Federal and Commercial systems while optimizing performance on behalf of the Department of Defense and VA. Most recently, Christa has been a key influencer in the updated architecture of the DoD patient accounting system/EHMR project as part of the Cerner/Leidos MHS Genesis transformation project. She is being recognized because of her tireless work to drive transformation, lead and embrace change management, as well as guide and mentor those in the industry through her leadership. Christa is truly an asset to our organization and the industry.”

Williams was presented with her award at the 2019 Leading for Impact, Women in Leadership Conference on Oct. 30th at the Women’s Memorial in Arlington, VA. 

“In my career, as with the other awardees, there have been hard roads and defining moments that shape the leader within you,” Williams said. “However, as time passes, those defining moments become the path and the way forward. I would have never been able to navigate those moments without the many people who have stood to my left and to my right. They helped shape me into the person I am today.”

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