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Celebrating the Spirit of Signature Performance

As a company who recently celebrated our twentieth year of business, we have experienced many seasons of Signature Performance and have had the honor of being able to serve the healthcare industry in a variety of ways. Having once occupied a small office in 2004, to growing to five office buildings in 2019, to now residing in over 47 states nationwide, the spirit of Signature has evolved, deepened, and grown stronger over time. With our Associates and team members located across the country, we felt it more important than ever to design a week focused on collaboration, connection and celebration. 

Our first ever ‘Spirit of Signature’ week was designed to not only bring our team members and partners together, but to showcase the true spirit of Signature Performance. Whether you ask an Associate that has been with the firm for 12 months or 12 years, they know there is an unmarked difference when it comes to Signature’s culture, people, and personality. Built on a foundation of Passion, Integrity, Courage, and Respect, we feel as though the Signature way of doing business is a little bit different than most.  We’re proud to celebrate twenty years of excellent performance, top-notch talent, and long-lasting impact. It is apparent in every interaction that the Signature Way is something unique and special that should be honored and celebrated.


One of Signature’s most proud and prestigious traditions is our Associate recognition program, The OSPARs (Outstanding Signature Performance Associate Recognition). From the program's start in 2008, the OSPARs has highlighted and celebrated the achievements of Signature’s brightest and most exceptional Associates. From the company’s Rising Stars to our Top Performers to those who provide Outstanding Service, the OSPARs gives these Associates a chance to share in their accomplishments and for us all to reflect on the remarkable impact they have made on the firm. This year we cheered on our annual recipients with over 160 Associates, guests, leaders, and partners in attendance to celebrate the impact our winners have made in all of our lives. It is with these celebrations and these outstanding people that we can continue to make an impact and improve the health of our clients’ business. 

“Attending the annual OSPARs event was such an eye opening experience. As someone who has worked at Signature for years, I was overwhelmed with the number of people congratulating me and wanting to learn more about what I do. It was a very humbling experience, and I am honored that I was able to be part of this event.” Michelle Simet, Data Analyst IV, 2021 Class of Emerging Leaders


Another pride of Signature Performance is our Emerging Leaders program. Each year, Associates are carefully selected to participate in our state-of-the-art nine month leadership lab with the hopes of growing both personally and professionally. Prior to the pandemic, the Emerging Leaders met weekly in our Omaha office to connect, learn, and grow together. As the program has evolved to accommodate new ways of working, we knew we were missing out by not having these future leaders meet together on-site in our Signature offices.

This year’s class of 44 Emerging Leaders attended their first on-site symposium during our Spirit of Signature week to not only see what Signature is all about but to meet people of all different levels, backgrounds, and locations. With a company as complex and intricate as Signature, it can be hard to connect all of the dots, especially if you’re someone who is relatively new to the company and working remotely. By bringing our 2024 class of Emerging Leaders together, they were able to meet and hear from our Founder and CEO, Allen Fredrickson, meet with other company leaders, take part in the annual OSPAR celebration, and attend our Departmental Showcase. Not only did they connect with their fellow Emerging Leaders, but they had the opportunity to learn from and meet other Signature Associates from across the country who are all dedicated to making the lives of the people we work with better.

“For me, the most valuable part of the Emerging Leaders Symposium was that our entire class could meet face-to-face. While our weekly Zoom sessions are great, everyone’s personalities were able to shine while interacting live and in person. Everyone was ecstatic to meet members of our Executive Leadership and Leadership teams for the first time. We learn a great deal from them, so experiencing a moment to make a personal connection was incredibly special.” - Clay Delcoure, IT Systems/Desktop Support, 2024 Class of Emerging Leaders


With over 1,200 Associates, our Signature team has many unique talents and skills that are worthy of showcasing. In 2021, we started showcasing our Signature departments and teams at our annual Departmental Showcase with a career-fair style event designed to let each department share more about how their work impacts Signature’s mission. This year’s showcase was attended by over 180 Associates and featured 23 different departments. From learning more about our IT department's expertise with a deconstructed laptop demonstration, to highlighting our operational excellence with a game of jeopardy, or to helping people understand how we grow our business with an interactive activity about the Business Development lifecycle, the Department Showcase event has become an Associate favorite. This annual event reminds us that it takes a village to achieve greatness and that with extraordinary people we can make an extraordinary impact in healthcare.

"As an Emerging Leaders Alumni, being able to attend the Department Showcase event was a blessing. Seeing so many people engaged and involved with different aspects of the company and each other shows the impact the workplace can have on each individual. To have my experience be used to help support those who will travel the same road I’ve been on, and to see how much impact I’ve had on people I don’t even know reminded me that my role at Signature has a meaningful impact.” - Derrick Bell, VA WFM Real-Time Adherence Analyst Lead, Class of 2020 Emerging Leaders


The Spirit of Signature goes beyond one week of events and activities. It is in the halls with us each day we come to the office. it is present in every zoom call we attend, whether it be with our clients or our team members. It is the foundation in which we conduct business. We are proud to have continuously exceeded both our goals and expectations with our team of outstanding people working toward a common goal. Our Associates are dedicated, passionate, and live out the Signature Way each and every day. We believe that these people and our mission are why we have experienced success throughout our 20 years in business and why we will continue to make an impact in the healthcare industry for years to come. 

If you or someone you know wants to be a part of our Signature team, please visit to learn more.


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