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Uncommon Leadership

Allen Fredrickson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Leo Greenstone

Chief Medical Officer

Rick Pane

Chief Financial Officer

Aimi Daughtery

VP, Controller

Donald Newsom

Director of IT Infrastructure Operations

Lori Hoffart

VP Provider Operations

Scott Simet

VP Talent Operations

Kurt Wolter

SVP Atwater Solutions

Karen Hudgins

President and Chief Operating Officer

Marc Dubois

Chief Growth Officer

Sheila Waring

Chief Strategy Officer

Amy Hennings

VP Organizational Experience

Josh Klein

VP Operations

Michelle Swertzic

VP Business Strategy

Shasta Johnson

VP Business Transformation

Marty Carlin

SVP Atwater Solutions

Chris Vairo

Chief of Staff

Mark Mathia

Chief Experience Officer

Zach Fain

Chief Technology Officer

Dawn Wierzbicki

SVP Business Development

Kate Massey

VP Contracts and Compliance

Rick Richardson

VP Capture & Proposal Management

Suzanne Motta

SVP Talent Acquisition

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