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ClaimsXM Team Receives Disruptive Tech Change Awards

Zach Fain, Senior Vice President of Business Transformation at Signature Performance has been named a 2022 Disruptive Tech Agent of Change by G2Xchange. In conjunction, our ClaimsXM platform that Zach and his team manage was also named a 2022 Disruptive Tech Program Award recipient. ClaimsXM is a managed service that represents the culmination of people, processes, and technology. ClaimsXM provides a data-driven approach to streamlining administrative tasks that reduces excessive administrative healthcare costs, provider frustrations, and the manual challenges often associated with claims administration.

The G2X Disruptive Tech Change Agent Awards recognize Federal IT and consulting leaders and programs, from both industry and government, who are working every day to take calculated risks and positively disrupt the Federal market. These individuals and programs are pushing the envelope and using technologies in new and disruptive ways in Federal IT and have a measurable impact on the culture and the important missions of the organizations they serve.

“I am truly honored to represent Signature Performance and the ClaimsXM program as a recipient of the Disruptive Tech Agent of Change Award. Disruptive technology is said to be an innovation that significantly alters and improves the way that consumers of the technology operate, and our VA implementation has clearly proven that ClaimsXM is a disruptive force in a previously stagnant tech landscape,” Zach Fain, SVP of Business Transformation at Signature Performance, said. “Each and every one of us that played a role in this monumental achievement is a change agent that has transformed how the healthcare industry will operate. I am humbled to be recognized, but feel this award is the culmination of efforts from many. I will proudly accept the award on behalf of Signature Performance. I am lucky to be a part of a truly excellent team.”

Between improving adjudication rates, business processes, and software development, Zach and his team are continuously using their innovative expertise to advance a successful implementation of ClaimsXM. Zach and his team have ensured that ClaimsXM can be seamlessly integrated with various Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms to create a more effective IT workflow design and reduce provider rejections.

Since its initial launch in July 2021, ClaimsXM has improved the auto-adjudication rate for the Department of Veterans Affairs. This increase in accuracy and speed have led to cleaner claims being submitted, ultimately allowing providers to be paid in a more timely manner and administrative costs to be kept to a minimum. What makes ClaimsXM unique is the continued optimization efforts that occur post launch, such as customer and end user involvement, strong executive support, and a highly-skilled team that knows how to properly navigate complex system implementations.

“Zach and the entire ClaimsXM team took on the role as change agents to solve a critical challenge within the Department of Veterans Affairs. The success of the ClaimsXM implementation was due to the willingness to embrace change and the effectiveness of the team to facilitate the change,” Karen Hudgins, President and Chief Operating Officer at Signature Performance, said.

Signature Performance will be recognized at the Disruptive Tech Summit: Change Agents Shifting the Landscape on March 29th at the AMP Theater at Pike and Rose Center in North Bethesda, Maryland where they will highlight the top innovative technology products, solutions, and people who are positively impacting Federal missions.

Inspiring New Possibilities for Claims Processing

Signature Performance has extensive experience navigating VA systems, building processes and tools to improve accuracy and productivity, and collaborating with VA leadership to ensure VA priorities are addressed. With over 250 combined years’ of leadership experience in VA Office of Information and Technology, Signature offers unmatched VA organizational insights and in-depth technical knowledge, proven to be critical to the successful modernization of VA systems. This experience has allowed us to identify performance gaps and opportunities for improvement and execute ways to transform the VHA health ecosystem, all while being mindful of administrative burden on providers.

At Signature Performance, we strive to inspire new possibilities within the healthcare industry. The backbone of our approach comes from leveraging previous experiences, the sheer volume of information that has become available through AI, and our Associates who are dedicated to making a lasting impact in the healthcare administrative industry.


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