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Learning How to Care for the Associate as a Whole

Even though many wish it was simple to turn off the physical and emotional effects of hardship or stress during the workday, it just simply isn't that easy all the time. When Associates are emotionally distracted due to life events or unexpected struggle, it is imperative to the Associates’ well-being that they have a reliable person and place to navigate what they are going through. Caring for the Associate as a whole and knowing as a company how to do that, especially during a global pandemic, has never been more important than it is right now.

The Business Ethics Alliance of Omaha recently hosted a virtual luncheon that reviewed the mission of the GrOW program. The Greater Omaha Worklab program, also known as GrOW, is a resource that Signature Performance made available to Associates in 2019 in order to help those who are in need as they maneuver through life’s challenges that can have a negative impact on the workplace experience. When Associates are at their best, not only do they benefit and become the best version of themselves, they can also be engaged to effectively carry out Signature’s mission of improving the health of our client’s business and making the lives of those people we work with better. Scott Simet, Director of Human Resources at Signature Performance, was a panelist at the event and spoke about how the GrOW program has positively impacted Signature Associates.

What does it mean to Care for the Whole Associate?

Hardships can manifest negatively in a physical and emotional sense. Knowing how to care for Associates’ well-being as a whole and having a reliable and confidential outlet where that is attainable is important. Caring for the whole Associate means prioritizing an interpersonal connection. During the virtual luncheon, an area of research called Ethics of Care (EoC) was reviewed. This research highlights the importance of connecting on an interpersonal level with your team members and how showing compassion has an undeniable business result by increasing an Associates' commitment to the company mission, increasing an Associates’ self-esteem and decreasing work-related anxiety. All of this is made possible when an organization prioritizes connection, compassion and empathy in the workplace.

A few ways an organization can increase compassion and support an Associate as a whole include:

  • Lead with Intent

  • Presumption of Innocence

  • Redefine Intimacy

  • Tough Conversations

“Teaming up with the GrOW program was a no brainer. Our navigator, Danielle, has been able to help address significant struggles that some of our Associates are going through. With how 2020 has played out, we are eternally grateful for our involvement with the GrOW program,” Simet said.

By genuinely understanding Associates’ greatest needs, they are given the opportunity to be the best version of themselves in the office and in their personal lives. When Associates can be present physically and mentally at work, it shows in their job performance. Associates who are completely present at work are able to be actively engaged with the company’s mission and goals. Engaged Associates who have a positive work experience are more emotionally connected to the work they are doing and want to continue to use their talents to work toward a common mission.

Signature Performance Cares for the Whole Associate

Over the years, we have been humbled to be recognized on a national level for our Associate resource groups (ARGs), workshops and robust benefit packages that promote the importance of the physical and mental well-being of each Associate. By implementing the GrOW program back in 2019, in conjunction with our existing benefit packages, our Associates’ well-being continues to be a priority. We believe when Associates are able to thrive in their personal lives, they are able to grow professionally and excel in their careers. The success we see at Signature Performance is a direct reflection of the team effort of all of us working toward a common mission. Our Associates and client’s success will always be a key component of our Signature legacy.

At Signature Performance, we take our mission of improving the health of our clients’ business and making the lives of the people we work with better seriously. We are committed to cultivating a highly engaged company culture that enhances the overall well-being of every Associate. Contact our team today or follow along on our Facebook page to learn more about Signature Performance’s vision.


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