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Project and Program Management Play an Essential Role in Reducing Healthcare Costs

Project and program management teams play an essential role in strategic business growth in every industry, but especially in healthcare. In an industry that must navigate ever-changing regulations and guidelines, having a team of experts who are dedicated to establishing production timelines, communicating with stakeholders, and implementing creative solutions that mitigate risk are essential to a successful solution implementation.

What’s the different between project management and program management?

The difference between the two services is simple. A program manager oversees a group of projects while project managers oversee the operational elements of individual projects.

Why does program management matter in the healthcare industry?

A successful program management approach guarantees that best practices are being used during the duration of a project. In an industry like healthcare, comprehensive and on-going quality assurance reviews with subject matter experts (SMEs) are essential for achieving a positive outcome for providers, payers, and patients who may be impacted by a particular initiative or project.

Efficient program management oversight positively impacts the complex landscape of the healthcare industry by providing:

  • Continual alignment of resources and SMEs during every project milestone.

  • Ensures proper credentialing and certifications of every SME.

  • Daily monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Promotes continuity of operational needs to avoid loss of revenue and ensure client satisfaction.

“Program management is essential to healthcare because the impacts are multi-faceted and continuously evolving. The work performed and initiatives we embrace at Signature are vital for facilities’ success and healthcare availability to patients,” Christina Frye, Senior Director of Revenue Cycle Operations at Signature Performance, said. “Successful program management includes collaborating with stakeholders to ensure that we are meeting, exceeding, and anticipating requirements and enhancements necessary to achieve positive outcomes at every level. Our understanding and expertise in a complex industry, coupled with the ability to monitor and enact tailormade programs provides financial stability and enriches the lives of those we work with and serve.”

Why does project management matter in the healthcare industry?

In the healthcare industry, efficiency is key! Whether it is launching a new technology or improving communication efforts among healthcare stakeholders, making every aspect of the healthcare experience as efficient as possible has a direct impact on the quality of care being provided and a patient’s outcome.

An effective project management service positively impacts the complex landscape of the healthcare industry by providing:

  • Efficient resource allocation

  • Timely implementation of initiatives

  • Cost containment and budget adherence

  • Quality improvement initiatives

  • Cross-functional collaboration

  • Risk management and compliance

  • Change management and stakeholder engagement

  • Data-driven decision making

  • Scalability and growth

“Signature Performance’s Business Transformation Office places a pronounced emphasis on following best practices and industry standards. We invest in the best resources and training to keep our PMO staff current on the latest industry tools and frameworks,” Jossy Rogers, Project Manager at Signature Performance, said. “Effective project management ensures that all the key considerations, such as security, compliance, quality, and completeness are delivered; in healthcare this can translate into substantial costs savings, reduction of harm, and better health outcomes for patients.”

Addressing Administrative Challenges Using Project and Program Management Services

At Signature Performance, we have the personnel, operational, and technical capabilities to tackle some of the biggest administrative challenges in the healthcare industry. Our project management experts not only have extensive experience in implementing innovative solutions, but they are also subject matter experts in healthcare delivery, operations, software development, revenue cycle management, and change management. Our program leaders and SMEs are experienced in claims administration, eligibility of benefits, Government Health IT systems, process redesign, and new system development.

The diversity of our cross-functional teams allows Signature to look at the unique needs of each client from a forward-thinking and design perspective. By observing a specific need from the point of view of every stakeholder, identifying, and understanding key pain points, our team can generate an innovative solution that fully addresses the administrative challenges that are being experienced.

“Effective project management isn't merely essential; it's the compass guiding us towards successful outcomes and streamlined processes. Signature's commitment to this shift is underscored by our Associates' continual support and advocation for project management and business analysis principles and best practices,” Jaclyn Garic, Director of Project Management at Signature Performance, said.

Healthcare administrative costs are at an all-time high in the United States. At Signature Performance, our team is committed to lowering administrative costs and improving the payer and provider experience and financial outcomes through our tools, technology, and industry expertise in both the public and private sectors. To learn more about Signature Performance and our service offerings, contact our team today!


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