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Signature Performance Named 2022 FedHealth IT Innovation Award Recipient

Signature Performance was recently named a 2022 FedHealth IT Innovation Award recipient for our managed service, ClaimsXM. This award recognizes and honors the Federal health technology and consulting community by celebrating programs nominated and selected by their peers for driving innovation and results across the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Military Health System, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

ClaimsXM represents the culmination of people, processes, and technology. It is a data-driven approach that streamlines administrative tasks that reduces excessive administrative healthcare costs, provider frustrations, and the manual challenges associated with claims administration. Since its initial launch in July 2021, ClaimsXM has improved the auto-adjudication rate for the Department of Veterans Affairs. As of May 2022, ClaimsXM has adjudicated 5.1 million claims. The increased auto-adjudication results, and the 133,000 reallocated full-time employee (FTE) hours that ClaimsXM has allowed, have not only been noticed by the Federal healthcare sector and VA, but VA reported that ClaimsXM received high praise for outstanding results in the President’s cabinet report earlier this year. The timely and accurate payment of healthcare claims increases provider and beneficiary satisfaction, ultimately improving access to high quality care.

“We undertook the ClaimsXM program to disrupt the healthcare market, reverse the trend of spiraling administrative costs, and strengthen the services VA delivered to our Veterans and their family members. We didn’t do it for the recognition; however, the achievements and the hard work of the ClaimsXM team are worthy of all the praise and recognition they are receiving,” Zach Fain, Chief Technology Officer at Signature Performance, said. “It’s an honor for the ClaimsXM program to receive the FedHealth IT Innovation Award and further validation that Signature is poised to be the disruptive force the industry needs.”

Signature Performance will be recognized at the 8th annual FedHealthIT Innovation Award and networking reception on June 7th at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. This event includes a mix of keynote speakers and panel discussions featuring federal government leaders focused on agency priorities, challenges, and opportunities for growth.

Transforming the Healthcare Experience in the United States

Signature Performance has extensive experience navigating VA systems, building processes and tools to improve accuracy and productivity, and collaborating with VA leadership to ensure VA priorities are addressed. Our team offers unmatched VA organizational insights and in-depth technical knowledge, proven to be critical to the successful modernization of VA systems. This experience has allowed us to identify performance gaps and opportunities for improvement and execute ways to transform the VHA health ecosystem, all while being mindful of administrative burden on providers.

At Signature Performance, we strive to inspire new possibilities within the healthcare industry. The backbone of our approach comes from leveraging previous experiences, the sheer volume of information that has become available through AI, and our Associates who are dedicated to making a lasting impact in the healthcare administrative industry. To learn more about Signature Performance, contact our team today!


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