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Signature Performance Receives All Exceptional Ratings from CPARS

For nearly twenty years, our team at Signature Performance has been motivated by our mission to improve the health of our client's business and make the lives of the people we work with better. With our mission always in the forefront and our management model designed to provide high quality service to those we serve, our Associates utilize their natural strengths every day to improve the healthcare experience for providers, payers, and patients.

The positive impact being made to the healthcare experience for Veterans and their family as a result of our team's efforts was recently recognized when Signature received all exceptional ratings from the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS). CPARS ratings assess all federal contractors, like Signature, in a variety of categories in order to provide a record of past performance on contractual requirements. To receive an exceptional rating means that the performance being assessed met the requirements and exceeded them to the government's benefit. Exceptional CPARS ratings are a key component to our team continuing to make a positive impact in the federal healthcare sector by streamlining essential administrative processes to reduce unnecessary costs.

"To receive an 'exceptional' CPARS rating is something our team does not take lightly. Recognition such as this serves as a wonderful reminder of our mission and highlights how the Signature team is responding to our calling of bending the curve of rising healthcare costs in the United States," Karen Hudgins, President and Chief Operating Officer at Signature Performance, said.

At Signature Performance, we want to inspire new possibilities within the healthcare industry. Healthcare administration is complex and hard to do well, but we have tapped into some of the most forward-thinking minds in the industry who are dedicated to reducing administrative burdens for payers and providers in both the federal and commercial healthcare arenas.

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