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Voting - A Great American Privilege

On November 8th, 2022, we have the privilege to participate in one of the greatest honors of being an American citizen - voting in an election. It's a privilege that many in the world could only dream of.

With this great right comes great responsibility. The future of democracy depends on citizens who are informed, engaged, and willing to act. Recently, I was asked what practices I follow when voting. This has evolved over the years, however there are certain practices that I find I always use.

1. I vote for the candidate rather than the party. I've found too many times that the candidate, regardless of the party, better aligns with my thoughts and beliefs. I discovered that by voting for party, I sometimes ended up voting for someone that didn’t align at all with my opinions.

2. Do your research before voting. There are many good independent, non-partisan sources to help you determine the candidate you’d like to support, including the candidate's website.

3. When possible, attend events that provide an opportunity for you to meet the candidate. It's an extraordinary opportunity to learn first-hand about a candidate.

4. Try to avoid partisan sources for information as misinformation or omission of information can lead to poor decisions. 5. Value truth. Be careful of candidates who conveniently change positions for the sole interest of getting elected. This is often a behavior and indication of a candidate that you may want to be wary of supporting.

In Nebraska, we are fortunate to have incredible candidates on the ballot this November. Candidates with solid credentials, aspirations of continuing "the good life" for all Nebraskans, and they are eager to serve to the best of their abilities. Let’s not be distracted and overlook these quality candidates.

As a business owner, I chose to start our business in Nebraska close to 20 years ago. It was a purposeful decision because I could trust that I would have the opportunity to attract the best and brightest talent to make a positive difference in healthcare. Every elected official plays a role in helping people with their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, from the school board, city council, legislator to governor. Local/state elections often times impact our lives more than the federal elected positions. We need to look at these roles equally and make wise decisions on election day to ensure that Nebraska remains a place that attracts and retains people who are willing to build "the good life" together.

Join me on November 8th in being an active voter. Making our voices heard and experiencing one of the great privileges of being an American - voting in the free and fair elections.


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