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Why A/R Follow Up is Important for Medical Billing

At Signature Performance, it’s our mission to improve efficiency within the healthcare administrative services industry. Our team has unmatched experience when it comes to being proactive in identifying and preventing recurring issues that interrupt critical revenue procedures that affect payers, providers and patients.

One way our team improves efficiency and lowers healthcare administrative costs is by monitoring accounts receivable, also known as A/R follow up. With the variety and ever-changing services that physicians, hospitals and long-term health clinics provide, each patient that is seen will owe a specific amount to the provider based on the treatment that was given. Keeping those payments organized is essential for proper medical billing.

A/R follow up ensures that healthcare organizations have a way to recover overdue payer or patient payments. Most A/R follow up responsibilities include looking after denied claims, exploring partial payments and reopening claims to receive maximum reimbursement from the insurance companies.

At Signature, our experience on both the payer and provider side of the business allows our dedicated team the opportunity to evaluate industry issues from a variety of perspectives, eliminate any static within communication efforts and create custom solutions that get to the core of the problem. We make it a priority to improve the patient experience by eliminating expensive hurdles and greatly improving compliance demands.

Adventist Healthcare West is one of our latest clients who our team is working with to create a custom workflow design that will provide RCM services including insurance A/R prioritization and insurance A/R follow up. The services that will be executed will provide the necessary steps to reduce healthcare administration costs. Adventist Health West is a large, non-profit healthcare system that is serving more than 80 communities on the west coast and Hawaii.

To learn more about how Signature Performance can help you or to request a revenue cycle assessment, contact our team today!


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