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6 Ways Accurate Registration and Scheduling Impacts Providers and Patients

In the healthcare industry, accuracy and efficiency are key! From the moment an evaluation is initiated to a diagnosis and treatment plan being made, accuracy and efficiency are essential for providing high-quality healthcare. One often overlooked, but crucial aspect within the industry is patient registration and scheduling.

Accurate patient registration and scheduling helps shape positive health outcomes by establishing a foundation of trust and effective communication between healthcare providers and their patients. Comprehensive patient registration not only helps establish a strong doctor-patient relationship, but it also fuels the entire care cycle from evaluation to diagnosis and treatment to billing and future follow-up care.

Enhancing the Patient Experience

Accurate patient registration is the first step in ensuring a positive patient experience. It allows for not only a hassle-free check-in process for patients, but it also reduces the risk of errors being made during the visit that could impact the type of provider they see and their overall treatment plan.

Reducing Administrative Errors

Inaccurate patient registration can lead to administrative errors such as incorrect billing information, missed appointments, or even issues related to a patient’s personal information and privacy. The rework associated with these types of errors are often costly in terms of time and resources for providers, but can also damage the reputation of a healthcare organization.

According to a 2017 article published by Healthcare Finance News, roughly $3 trillion in medical claims were submitted by hospitals in the United States in 2016 and around nine percent of those charges were initially denied. That comes out to about $262 billion. Even though an average 63% of those claims were recoverable, that effort came with a price tag of roughly $118 per claim, or as much as $8.6 billion in appeal-related administrative costs.

Expanding Access to Care

Accurate appointment scheduling ensures that patients receive the type of care that will meet their specific needs in a timely manner. It also allows healthcare providers to optimize their time and resources with each patient so their needs can be fully addressed during an appointment.

Optimizing Healthcare Resources

Effective scheduling ensures that healthcare providers can allocate their resources efficiently to meet the specific needs of every patient. These resources include specialized staff members, medical equipment, and facilities. Accurate scheduling prevents overbooking appointments and the underutilization of healthcare resources, ultimately saving time and money for healthcare organizations and patients.

Higher Productivity for Providers

Accurate patient registration and scheduling enables healthcare providers to optimize their personal workflow. With fewer administrative obstacles and better resource allocation, providers are given the flexibility to focus more on building connections with their patients and creating a treatment plan that addresses their unique needs and medical history. This leads to not only increased productivity and better patient outcomes, but also improved job satisfaction for the provider.

Improved Revenue Cycle Functions for Healthcare Systems

Accurate registration and scheduling are directly tied to a healthcare facility’s revenue cycle. Inaccuracies during the registration process can result in denied claims or delayed reimbursements, which can lead to financial strain on a healthcare system’s bottom line and reduce access to care for patients. When appointments are billed correctly, timely payments can be made and financial stability for healthcare providers and improved access to care can be achieved.

Developing Tailored Solutions with Technology

When patient information is accurately captured, accessible to medical professionals, and well maintained, healthcare providers can make more informed treatment decisions for their patients, ultimately improving the healthcare experience as a whole.

At Signature Performance, we provide proven systems and tailored configurations to break down barriers and reduce administrative burden within the healthcare system in the U.S. We improve not only our clients’ business, but the entire healthcare industry by finding better ways to leverage emerging technology like artificial intelligence/machine learning, automation, forward-thinking individuals, and industry-leading processes to identify pain points in the care cycle in the private and public healthcare sectors.

To learn more about our service portfolios at Signature Performance, contact our team today!


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