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What Our Leaders Loved About the 2024 HIMSS Conference

It's crucial for healthcare professionals to stay up-to-date on industry trends and nurture connections to ensure optimal patient care and drive innovation. With the rapid evolution of medical technology and regulatory requirements, staying informed is essential for long-term success. Being aware of emerging trends allows healthcare leaders to innovate in improving patient outcomes, operational efficiencies, and reducing administrative costs.


Among the nearly 27,000 attendees at the 2024 HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition were members of the Signature Performance team. Discover what our team found most exciting about this year's conference.


Allen Fredrickson - Founder and CEO

Allen Fredrickson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

It’s not often that the healthcare industry gathers at the size and scale as we do at the HIMSS Conference. The global representation of the industry comes together as a community at this event to learn and gain a broader understanding of what healthcare leaders are pursuing and currently solving for. What stands out to me most about the HIMSS Conference is that it offers a unique opportunity for collaboration and exchange of insights, particularly in leveraging data to address pressing issues faced by providers today. Through this collaborative effort, we can ensure that healthcare providers are actively involved in shaping the solutions they will be asked to adopt and use every day when treating those within their community. Building industry solutions through the eyes of clinicians and utilizing data in a valuable way will position not only the provider for long-term success, but patient outcomes will greatly improve.


Karen Hudgins - President and Chief Operating

Karen Hudgins

President and Chief Operating Officer

The two dominant themes were Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cybersecurity. It was fascinating how AI is predicted to improve healthcare for millions and ease the administrative burden for clinicians. In addition, Cybersecurity experts talked about the growing danger of cyberattacks, which have become disturbingly common in healthcare.


Dr. Clinton Greenstone - Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Clinton Greenstone

Chief Medical Officer

At HIMSS, interoperability and AI/machine learning (ML) remained in the spotlight. The biggest takeaway for me at the conference was seeing how our endeavors at Signature of integrating AI/ML into ClaimsXM, our medical documentation retrieval system, and our Veteran and beneficiary well-being initiatives retain their significance within the healthcare industry. Our team aims to offer a service that simplifies the complexity surrounding interoperability by leveraging our latest technologies and partnerships, aiding providers in comprehending HIEs, facilitating direct provider-to-provider connections, and streamlining connections to payers.


Sheila Waring - Chief Strategy Officer

Sheila Waring

Chief Strategy Officer

Healthcare conferences, such as HIMSS, provide invaluable insight into the intricate landscape of the healthcare industry. This highlights the need for interoperability and integration among payer and provider solutions. Despite the hurdles posed by interoperability, Signature’s is well-positioned to provide innovative solutions to overcome such hurdles. After attending a few conferences already this year, one of the biggest takeaways for me was the shared objective of VA and Military Health Systems to reduce escalating medical costs and re-route care to their direct care facilities. This strategic shift streamlines processes but most importantly, when available, ensures medical readiness and optimal treatment for military personnel and veterans.


Marc DuBois - Chief Growth Officer

Marc DuBois

Chief Growth Officer

Our team witnessed an enthusiastic response from our partners at HIMSS, demonstrating a keen interest in collaboration and exploring potential avenues where Signature can offer assistance in revenue cycle management, coding, and consulting services for commercial clients. One of the biggest takeaways from the conference this year for me was the significant dialogue that centered around forging partnerships with firms operating outside our current competitive expertise, and thus an area we can supplement to broaden our scope and effectiveness in serving clients. We are excited to continue identifying opportunities to support our partners in improving access to care while alleviating administrative burdens.


Dawn Wierzbicki - SVP of Business Development

Dawn Wierzbicki

SVP of Business Development Profile

One of the key insights I gained from this year's HIMSS conference is the escalating significance of addressing interoperability challenges within the healthcare sector for industry leaders. Participating in conferences like this is exciting because it provides a platform to discuss how Signature Performance is directly addressing interoperability challenges. We are navigating these challenges by harnessing our team’s expertise, leveraging technology, and ensuring that our mission remains at the forefront of our innovative endeavors. Our efforts are proving to not only enhance the quality of care but also streamline administrative processes, ultimately leading to better patient experiences and reduced healthcare costs.


Chris Vairo - Chief of Staff

Chris Vairo

Chief of Staff

My biggest takeaway from the 2024 HIMSS Conference is meeting with other industry experts and organizations on how we can best support providers through new partnerships and the adoption of new technologies to improve the patient experience and optimize financial performance. As providers embrace new technologies to enhance healthcare delivery, they often encounter challenges in their adoption journey. From navigating complex systems to integrating new tools into their workflows, the transition can be daunting. It’s exciting to know that Signature Performance is a beacon of support for providers with our proactive approach to reducing administrative burden. Our team is full of experts who have dedicated their careers to alleviating the pain points within our healthcare system. This expertise not only facilitates seamless integration of new technologies but also fosters a culture of innovation and efficiency within healthcare organizations, ultimately benefiting patients and providers alike.


Tom Nagy - Vice President of Sales

Tom Nagy

Vice President of Sales

HIMSS 24 primarily centered around groundbreaking technological advances in both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cybersecurity. I specifically noticed a tremendous increase in the number of healthcare companies that are now playing in the AI space. As AI technology advances in the healthcare industry, it will be interesting to see how many of these companies thrive to take it to the next level and how many dissolve in the next few years. Cybersecurity was also a major theme, especially with the most recent breach at Change Healthcare that impacted all healthcare systems in one way or another. 

To learn more about Signature Performance, contact our team today or check out our career page for a list of our latest career opportunities.


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