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Constructing the Calling of the Signature Vision

In 2004, Signature Performance’s business plan was not the only thing beginning to take shape in the healthcare industry. The construction and implementation of the Signature Vision was also starting to emerge. Our founding members of Signature Performance knew that their business model had the potential to carry an impact that exceeded financial benefit. They also wanted to ensure that a personal impact was made not only on our client’s lives, but also on the lives of current and future Associates. With that goal in the forefront of founder’s minds, the vision of Signature Performance was created. At Signature Performance, we are building a legacy. A legacy of delivering breakthrough performance and commanding results. A legacy of client satisfaction and a premier experience with our Associates unlike anything the industry has ever known. A legacy upon which we are proud to place our signature. A crucial aspect of leaving a lasting impact and building a legacy was finding a way to create a premier experience unlike anyone had ever seen before in the industry.

How Has Signature Performance Approached Experience?

Our founding members knew that Signature’s brand was going to be much more than who we say we are. Our brand is about what we do and how we connect deeply to the work we are doing every day. Applying the Signature Values of passion, integrity, courage and respect in all aspects of the business is what has allowed our team to redefine what the work experience actually looks like. We value each other’s differences as much as similarities and strive to encourage growth both professionally and personally. When we combine a premier work experience with boundless enthusiasm for engagement, our Associate and client expectations are not just met, they are consistently exceeded. “Working at Signature has brought an incredible amount of passion and contentment into my life,” Alex McCoy, a Signature Performance Associate, said. “I truly feel at home here surrounded by great people from all kinds of backgrounds and a culture that I consider unbeatable.” Prioritizing inclusion, diversity and implementing a methodology that has allowed Signature to not only be known as a go-to expert within the industry, our Associates and clients are given the opportunity to be their best self and achieve a higher performance. “Since partnering with Signature Performance, we have experienced a rapid increase in performance. The team's ability to bring in the right resources at the right time allowed us to cut expenses while immediately ramping up cash collections,” the CFO of a Critical Access Hospital, said. “Our staff's morale has improved, and our access to subject matter experts saves us both time and money on a daily basis.” Our team at Signature strongly believes that when a company puts genuine value into their team members, technology and processes, the financial benefit will ultimately follow. That belief is what continues to fuel our unique mission.

Where Are We Today?

Fast forward 15 years and several professional milestones later, the deliberate and personal construction of Signature’s Vision continues to be experienced by our Associates and clients alike. The experience that the Signature Vision provides continues to build a prescriptive approach, not just for payers and providers in the healthcare industry, but in the lives of our valued Associates who are behind the success of everything Signature does. The success Signature Performance receives is a direct reflection of the team effort of working toward a common mission. Our Associates and client’s success will always be a key component of our Signature legacy.


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