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Shaping the Future of Patient Care with Telehealth

At Signature Performance, we are on a mission to lower healthcare administrative costs and burdens and by improving the quality and access of care. Having served the healthcare industry for over twenty years, we continuously explore new and innovative ways we can transform the industry. 

As our society continues to advance, so does our healthcare system. With more and more technology at our fingertips, the rise of telehealth services is proving to be a major player in the healthcare space. Telehealth can encompass a wide range of services, including medical consultations, diagnosis, monitoring, and or education/training delivered via video calls, phone calls, or messaging apps. Overall, telehealth services can offer a convenient, cost-effective, and accessible way for patients to receive medical care while also improving healthcare efficiencies and outcomes. 

Telehealth Benefits Graphic

Five Ways Telehealth can Improve the Access and Quality of Care


With Telehealth technology, patients can now access medical care from the comfort of their homes or from the road. By reducing the need to visit a doctor's office or hospital, or skipping care altogether if one is traveling, patients can now save time, effort, and have on-demand access to the care they need.

Improved Accessibility

Similarly to increased convenience, Telehealth services can help patients in remote or rural areas where healthcare facilities might be limited have access to more specialized and timely care services. Patients can now access specialized providers or even elective health services that might not otherwise be available in their area. Learn more about Signature’s work with Rural Health Facilities Here.

Increased Cost-Effectiveness

Telehealth consultations often cost less than traditional in-person visits, saving both patients and healthcare systems money. It is estimated that telehealth services can be up to 60% cheaper than a traditional on-site visit even without insurance coverage. Some insurance companies now offer telehealth coverage with the option to subscribe to services for discounted sessions. 

Time Savings 

Since Telehealth removes the need to travel to a physical location, appointments can be scheduled more quickly, reducing wait times for patients and increasing the amount of visits providers can offer. With digital telehealth platforms, patients and providers also have better access to health records and personal information all in one place which can save time throughout the appointment. (We’ve all gone to an appointment and had to fill out stacks of paperwork we already submitted online when making the appointment.) Telehealth services can also offer extended hours, enabling patients to access care outside of typical office hours to accommodate busy schedules and increase the efficiency of care.

Continuity of Care 

Telehealth services have also enabled patients to connect with healthcare providers on a more regular basis, promoting better management of chronic conditions and ensuring continuity of care. Through telemedicine platforms, healthcare providers can also remotely monitor patients' health status, track vital signs, and adjust treatment plans accordingly with the goal of reducing the need for emergency services. By improving the communication between patients and providers, providers can improve the quality of care and increase patient engagement.

The Big Picture

At Signature Performance, we are dedicated to lowering healthcare costs in the United States by improving the access and quality of care. Although our specialty lies in healthcare administration, we are committed to staying curious about healthcare trends and how each advancement, big or small, can make a huge impact for both patients and providers. As one can see, Telemedicine has a wide range of benefits and if widely used and accepted, can create positive changes in healthcare. For more industry updates on healthcare trends, check out our latest thoughts here.


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